NASA to Discuss Webb’s Arrival at Final Destination, Next Steps

2022.01.20 19:13 Stuart66 NASA to Discuss Webb’s Arrival at Final Destination, Next Steps

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2022.01.20 19:13 mandal0re I like to photoshop old paintings. Here’s Black Krrsantan

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2022.01.20 19:13 GucciGangBlizz “"The difference between FURIA and the other teams is experience" - Twister

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2022.01.20 19:13 jDotOKA 2022 & Progression ! - New Youtuber committing to it-(Edited by Me)

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2022.01.20 19:13 Egyptian_iris The speedpaint of my last Illustration is on the tube!

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2022.01.20 19:13 Shovelman2001 Full Sender exploits dead grandma for free Meta while the body is still warm

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2022.01.20 19:13 Fr0st_mite Can I just say how good I think R6 Extraction is?!

I feel like it's the most personal and customizable game yet. And I love the progression systems. It doesn't feel so microtransaction-y, it feels more fun, and to be honest, I'm legitimately scared when I'm running around the map. Good job, Gubisoft. You made a game that I like.
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2022.01.20 19:13 Legal-Chipmunk4385 Can you guys tell me what the best barrel and grip to use are rn? I know it’s changed since they nerfed stuff in one of the updates. Thanks!

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2022.01.20 19:13 fdg_fdg eli5: Mortgage rates - Fixed Vs Variable

I cannot grasp the difference... The variable is affected by the Prime rate issued by the country's bank? Which is "overall" better? How do you gauge this decision!
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2022.01.20 19:13 Virandell Best courses on udemy

Hi could anybody recommend some python course in udemy ideally in data science/analysis ?
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2022.01.20 19:13 LiavLOL123 שרת בן זונה עינבל איקס חינם

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2022.01.20 19:13 CriXuSmind What are your day to day bad habit?

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2022.01.20 19:13 DeepStrangeThroat XP - Pen Artist Display 24 Pro by Ryky

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2022.01.20 19:13 bringbackoldreddit8 My favorite gun in battlefield 4 is

The Mares Leg
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2022.01.20 19:13 Nearby-Translator361 Jmd schreiben über sie

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2022.01.20 19:13 chaoticrays Blurry picture of cats

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2022.01.20 19:13 Rapporto What's the point of filling in your timesheets if your customers are internal?

What it says on the tin. I get that we have to bill external customers but if we already have agreed on a project timeline and we don't charge customers a variable amount by the month, why do it?
I do a lot of mental context switching during the day and I don't want to add to it by keeping accurate timeframes of what I've spent on something.
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2022.01.20 19:13 drumcorpsdrummer22 Prop changes aren't triggering reactivity in bundled app

Hi everyone, I've been troubleshooting this issue for a while now and I'm running out of ideas. I hope some fresh eyes can give me a better perspective.
In short: I have several computed properties in a component that are not reacting to changes in props only after bundling. Before bundling, the computed properties work exactly as expected.
Here's the relevant bits of code. For context, this is part of a paginated data table component.
``` setup(props) { props = reactive(props);

const isNextDisabled = computed(() => props.index + props.pageSize >= props.totalSize const rangeUpperBound = computed(() => { let upperBound = props.index + props.pageSize; if (upperBound > props.totalSize) { upperBound = props.totalSize; } return upperBound; }); return { isNextDisabled, upperBound, } 
} ```
I'm using Storybook.js to develop this component as part of a library. I'm also trying to simulate async data fetching, so my props are initially null values and then I have a setTimeout function that loads some data from a file after 1.5 seconds. In other words, my props are definitely being updated and I expect my computed properties to be evaluated twice (once at first render, again when the props they depend on are updated).
When I'm developing the components with the vanilla npm run storybook command everything works as expected. All the computed properties are updated properly once the timeout finishes, and the component renders correctly. I hit snags when I bundle my components.
I'm using Vue CLI's default configuration to bundle things, my command is:
vue-cli-service build --target lib --name copper-vue src/index.js
Here is that src/index.js file: export { default as DataTable } from "./components/DataTable/DataTable";
Here's my problem: When I use the component from the bundled file none of the computed properties in my component are updated when the props are updated after the setTimeout. I've verified with logging statements and a debugger that the computed properties are only evaluated once when the component first renders, and they seem to completely ignore the fact that the props they depend on have updated. I've also verified this happens with a watchEffect call I added during my testing.
I've been testing this by importing the bundled component, rather than the component from my .vue file, in my Storybook story like so: ``` // Shortcut story in question:
// This is the import to use the component from the SFC // import DataTable from "./DataTable.vue";
// Here's how I import the component from the bundled file which causes issues import { DataTable } from "../../../dist/copper-vue.common"; ```
Other relevant details: - This bug happens in both Chrome and Firefox - I'm using Vue 3.2.8, Storybook 6.3.12 - Running/bundling on a 2020 M1 Macbook pro
Things I might try next: - Walking back some Vue versions to see if 3.1 works, 3.0 works, etc
Is there something about the reactive APIs that I'm doing incorrectly here? I'm completely baffled why things work as expected when running in a "dev" mode and not when bundled using Vue CLI. Any tips are appreciated.
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2022.01.20 19:13 Ragania Ultrawide support

So long story short, i was gonna get a monitor and my dad mentioned something about the Samsung G5 (ultrawide) and i told him that that wouldn't be ideal since the PS4 doesn't have any ultrawide support, can someone please confirm this?
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2022.01.20 19:13 Alternative_Ad_5334 Bachira As A Targetman

As we've seen in chapter 158, FC Barcha is playing a 4-3-3
Bachira plays up front as what I can only assume is a target man, while Otoya and Lala from Barcha play as wingers
My question is: If they want a targetman, why not use Otoya? He seems best fitted for that role given he can slip in behind the defense off-ball and get open for shots. Bachira is the kind of guy that likes to show off with his dribbling, which has no doubt been advanced by his training with Lavinho and Barcha.
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2022.01.20 19:13 ononothimagen Candice Swanepoel

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2022.01.20 19:13 Kleeptomaniac- What video game will you always come back to play no matter how long it's been and how many times you've played it?

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2022.01.20 19:13 Natsu00001 Get out goddam you!

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2022.01.20 19:13 lazersharg Nerf Bloodhound

In a game where the ranked meta is to land safe and wait until the very end to fight, being able to pin down an enemy's location with relative ease is almost necessary to avoid being killed by rats. But with the immense range and cone that Bloodhound's scan detects enemies, revealing them through walls and highlighting them for the entire team, its infuriating to escape a "good" Bloodhound player. I propose either taking out the wallhack part of the scan and just letting Bloodhound know that players are in their radius, or adding a way to more easily predict the scan before it happens to give some sort of chance to escape it.
Just my thoughts though, let me know if this is too unreasonable of a take or something idk I don't play 1 button the character.
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2022.01.20 19:13 RGDanton Match #2026 | RGD PLAYING HEADBALL GAME | GamePlay - RGreatDanton

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