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is this true?

2022.01.20 19:38 boggstown is this true?

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2022.01.20 19:38 FairtimeIA Agents of the Frontier (Titanfall 2 Machinima) Episode 4 premieres 1/22 at 7AM Pacific

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2022.01.20 19:38 radicallyhoping Thoughts on switching therapists, anyone?

I'm working with an RO practitioner in my first round of treatment.
If my circumstances allow me to do so, I would really like to be able to have 2-3 rounds of RO overall.
As I say, I'm working with one practitioner currently. I have recently become aware of a few other practitioners who seem very experienced and knowledgeable that could be a good fit for me as well.
If everything goes according to plan and I end up having my three rounds, do you guys think it would be better to stick with the one therapist for them all or do every round potentially with a different practitioner?
I'd really appreciate your opinions on this, as I'm finding it a really tough decision to make and, whatever I decide, I want to feel comfortable with my choice.
My main reason for considering this is that I feel I may benefit from hearing different people's interpretations and perspectives on the theory. If there's one weakness with the current practitioner so far, it's that they're really empathetic with me, which I greatly appreciate, but their explaining of the theory for the stage of therapy I'm at is leaving me feeling behind. There are very basic things I still don't feel I understand, which concerns me.
The main con, if I switch, is that I lose out on the therapeutic relationship with my initial practitioner which we've worked hard to build. I could potentially be sacrificing that sense of stability, if I were to go with someone else who may be more knowledgeable but less understanding to my circumstances.
So, if you'd have any words of advice or suggestions, I would more than appreciate hearing them.
Thanks very much and looking forward hopefully to hearing your thoughts.
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2022.01.20 19:38 Dewan4179 Channel 6 is here and live!

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2022.01.20 19:38 Fake4sian Wealth Management VS Business Development in Canada

Hi there,
I'm looking for guidance regarding 2 opportunities. The first one is for a business development mutual funds/etf sales role. I would be working with two external wholesalers in charge of Western Canada (where the bank is currently less known). The second role is for a Investment Advisor role in a larger city (think Toronto/Montreal/Vancouver). I would be part of a mentoring program and partnered with an existing IA with an existing book of business.
Currently in my last semester of university at a lower tier University. Solid GPA, all licences and CFA 2 candidate. I also have over 2 years of experience at big 5 bank at their direct investing division and 1 year at the mortgage origination department.
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2022.01.20 19:38 Havebaconwilltravel Hunter Biden, former Biden aide invested in Chinese company tied to Communist Party, NBA China

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2022.01.20 19:38 HappyKitten5695 McConnell Slips And Says The Racist Part Out Loud

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2022.01.20 19:38 trizmegistis Question about airmatic on 2000 s430

Car has been sagging on the rear passenger side. I engage the airmatic and the car will lift but after a while it will begin sagging on the back right again. I've even noticed the sound of air rushing out when i go over bumps. I found the replacement strut online for a reasonable price. my question: is the strut and the air bag one piece or are they 2 separate parts that need to be purchased independently?
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2022.01.20 19:38 Brewtus21 Zombies vs. Towers - Upgrades for Towers #Shorts

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2022.01.20 19:38 Ok-Victory7472 Sketch lines done!

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2022.01.20 19:38 Elllen_Smith Is it so horrible to use eval() even for a static web page?

I want to run the script from the user input and with eval that's so easy.
But everyone demonizes the eval funtion and says to never use it.
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2022.01.20 19:38 Unhappy-Ice7127 Vigil for saint 14 ornament

The ornament is the daily offering at the store for 600 silver
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2022.01.20 19:38 Keeg9351 Adding NFT to MetaMask and it says personal address detected

I’m trying to add an NFT to MetaMask and it’s saying personal address detected. What am I doing wrong?
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2022.01.20 19:38 Scoot240 The test

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2022.01.20 19:38 terpmike28 Gigabyte wanting to feel special?

Why in the world would this card need a triple slot cooler?[Gigabyte 6500xt](Check this out on @Newegg: GIGABYTE GAMING OC Radeon RX 6500 XT 4GB GDDR6 PCI Express 4.0 ATX Video Card GV-R65XTGAMING OC-4GD https://www.newegg.com/gigabyte-radeon-rx-6500-xt-gv-r65xtgaming-oc-4gd-version-1-0/p/N82E16814932491?Item=N82E16814932491&Source=socialshare&cm_mmc=snc-social-_-sr-_-14-932-491-_-01202022)
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2022.01.20 19:38 stellamiata To whoever posted the cute Umbreon and Espeon Re-Ments on top of their candles in here… I had to get the whole set😅

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2022.01.20 19:38 rileyj77 Dealership in South Louisiana with a mint Baja on the showroom floor

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2022.01.20 19:38 Rouletti 33609

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2022.01.20 19:38 GingerGuerrilla ‘The Batman’ Runtime Revealed: 2 Hours and 47 Minutes, Without Credits

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2022.01.20 19:38 ascogonium Feeling guilty about leaving toxic friend behind.

Since I was around 11 I had this really close friend. I recently decided to leave him behind for a number of reasons. He was always a bad person but I always felt like I was obligated to be his friend because I felt sorry for him.
For the past 4 years he has gradually got worse and worse. It started with sneaky remarks to me n my friends but it then turned to him fighting everyone, being abusive to random people on nights out, abusing cocaine, trying to sabotage everyone’s relationships, stirring drama, stealing people’s clothes, etc.
He is also an evangelical christian and during cocaine binges he shouts bible verses at people and claims he has direct contact with god.
I’m 22, work part time, in my final year of university doing my dream degree. He is 23, unemployed, no education, no friends anymore and smokes weed everyday.
I’ve tried to help him get his life together but he thinks nothing in life is fair and everything should be handed to him on a plate.
His parents are wealthy and have more or less given him everything he wanted growing up.
Rather than make his own life better, he would rather try and ruin everyone else’s. Rather than work to buy nice clothes, he would rather make fun of everyone else’s then steal them or “accidentally” burn them with cigarettes, spill drinks on them, etc.
He is also extremely jealous of one of my other friends who he bullies of but then copies his hairstyle and clothes.
I always felt obligated to be his friend because his brother is a great guy and he would often ask me to help his brother get his life together.
Although I’m glad he is out my life, I can’t help but feel terrible for his brother because I know that in his eyes I was more or less his last hope of his brother getting his shit together and I have completely cut contact.
Does anyone have any advice?
Thank you
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2022.01.20 19:38 offbrandbarbie No one ‘deserves’ a baby.

Trisha said on her live she’s upset because she feels like she deserves a baby. It’s not about ‘deserving’ a baby. It’s about being mentally and emotionally prepared for a baby. It’s asking if a baby deserves YOU as a parent. Not the other way around. It’s not a prize, or a reward. It’s a person who you will have the biggest impact on in there life. She’s acting like a baby is just another thing she wants like a big house or two extravagant weddings. As someone who was raised by a woman with untreated bpd and now has discouraged/quiet bpd because of it, Trisha would be in no place to be a parent until she got serious psychological help, and she’s made it very apparent she doesn’t want help.
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2022.01.20 19:38 maxkozlov Has Biden followed the science? What researchers say

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2022.01.20 19:38 igojar Las vueltas que da la vida.

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2022.01.20 19:38 girlfromthedreamland O que responder quando a pessoa pergunta"e aí?"

Eu sempre travo quando alguém chega e pergunta "e aí?" pra mim. "E aí" o que??? Não tem resposta pra isso, sei lá...
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2022.01.20 19:38 A-broken-law I can’t be the only one with this problem.

I love my parents very much. They are Christians (I won’t say which religion to protect their privacy) and they are very happy. There’s no denying that a large portion of their happiness comes from their religion. Whenever they talk about God, they do it with so much confidence and reassurance that he is really there, watching over us. They have literally convinced themselves to believe, and I don’t think they’re stupid. I actually feel deep sadness for them. If I’m having a difficult time, my loving parents tell me that all is well, and to trust God, because he has his hand in my life. It’s their confidence and reassurance that they actually believe they are so correct and it breaks me, because as we all know, there really is nothing there. I can’t get mad at them, they’re doing their best and only telling me what they know, but like many religious people, they aren’t open to other ideas and possibilities. I know that’s not my problem, but it just makes me very sad. They have more of a sense of purpose than I do, they’re so happy and that’s good for them, but it’s all false. The grand plan they think is put in place for them and the rest of us is nonexistent. I can’t imagine the shock and dismay they would have if they took one step back, and discovered they’ve been living a lie their whole lives. It just breaks me. It makes it so difficult to be around them. Their immense happiness is only psychological, and I sometimes break down over it. Religion is so destructive.
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