How does everyone feel about Build-to-rent housing?

2022.01.20 19:48 FlyingSaucer100 How does everyone feel about Build-to-rent housing?

I have been pondering the concept for quite some time, and although I know most people would think "what a dumb concept", I think in a way it makes sense for certain people.
To clarify, when I talk about Build-to-rent, I am referring to apartment buildings that are made exclusively for renting and the building itself owns the units, meaning that there are no individual landlords. According to the concept, the idea is that you get to live here long-term, and as a tenant you are given more freedom than with regular renting, such as the ability to make slight changes (e.g. painting walls, etc.).
I understand, that for most people they would prefer to own a home, either an apartment or house. I have always wanted that, but the issue is finding something you like in a location you like is extremely hard, especially in places like Sydney. To give you an example, I absolutely hate old buildings, so the prospect of buying something from the 70s, regardless of how renovated it is, is silly. Another problem I have found is that the only locations I truly like in Sydney, and where I think it is worth owning something, are extremely expensive (for example, 1-2 bedroom apartments anywhere near northern beaches, be it neutral bay, mosman, etc. will cost you at the very least 800k, and way more if the apartments are more recent). On my current income, it would take me several years (probably around 8 years) to save up a 20% deposit for such a property, but by that time these places would probably be worth well over $1.2 million.
Another issue with owning an apartment, is that you have to pay so much on strata, council and water rates. Putting all these combined, you should expect to be paying at least 6K per year (if lucky). Newer buildings with facilities like pools or gyms will easily cost you 8-10K per year, while older buildings may have special levies to be paid every few years on top of strata costs. When you then factor in the cost of a high mortgage over 30 years and the interest you will be paying, you come to realize that you are paying way more than you would be paying by just renting somewhere.
This is what brought me to the concept of Build-to-rent. If I dont plan on ever having kids, I guess it doesn't sound so bad? The only real challenge is that this kind of thing doesn't really exist much in Australia (yet). But perhaps in the future it will become more common-place.
What are people's thoughts on this? Would you be happy renting until you retire? Or would you rather settle for a more affordable, yet lower quality dwelling in a not-so-desirable location? I think at this point, the only people who can really own something worthwhile in Sydney and feel like they "live in Sydney", are very wealthy people. I can make my peace with that, as long as I can secure a place to live in for a very long time, I don't mind renting.
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2022.01.20 19:48 Kaele_Dvaughn Seriously. "Loyalty"? This is *exactly* like an abusive partner.

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2022.01.20 19:48 Wnb16451 Favorite Superfoods that help increase endurance!

I am trying to get back to my running endurance after having Covid!
I have read great benefits of eating beats. What are some other greats superfoods to explore?
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2022.01.20 19:48 Willing-Clock-8884 KIM & KANYE'S INCREDIBLE FAST MONEY! | Celebrity Family Feud

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2022.01.20 19:48 Beneficial_Put_959 SPOILERS - All the new status, weather from Pokemon Lengend Arceus already leaked.

"Obscured" The Pokémon is concealed in mud or the like, raising the chance that the Pokémon will evade opponents’ moves.
"Primed" The Pokémon has adopted a hard-hitting stance, increasing the damage it deals with its moves.
"Fixated" The Pokémon is fixated on the last move it used. This move will deal increased damage while the fixation lasts, but any damage dealt to the fixated Pokémon is also increased.
"Frostbite" At the end of each turn, the Pokémon is hurt by its frostbite. Any damage it deals with special moves will also be reduced.
"Drowsy" The Pokémon is drowsy and may fail to act. Any damage it takes is also increased.
"Snow" Pokémon are more likely to get frostbite, and drowsy Pokémon are more likely to fail to act. The Speed of Ice-type Pokémon is also boosted.
"Strong Sunlight" The Speed of Grass-type Pokémon is boosted.
"Fog" All moves are less accurate, apart from moves that are always sure to hit.
"Jagged Splinters" (This Field effect is summoned by multiple moves that got their original effect updated, such as Stealth Rock" At the end of each turn, the Pokémon is hurt by the jagged splinters digging into it.
-SPECIAL STATUS CONDITIONS- (Due to their Group effects it's safe to assume the following are Status that occurs only during Battles with Alpha Pokémon)
"Terrific Might" The Pokémon takes reduced damage from status conditions and move effects such as poisoning and splinters.
"Wild Might" All the Pokémon’s stats are boosted. The Pokémon also takes reduced damage from status conditions and move effects such as poisoning and splinters.
"Terrible Might" All the Pokémon’s stats are boosted. The Pokémon also takes reduced damage from status conditions and move effects such as poisoning and splinters.
Whic do you think will have the biggest impact if return in Gen 9?
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2022.01.20 19:48 DavidL621 License

I just passed my bike theory test. What’s the next step and what would a good bike be, I am 18 and have my car license. Any help appreciated.
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2022.01.20 19:48 odd_innovation EA is next acquisition target say financial experts – could go to Sony

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2022.01.20 19:48 Every_Acanthaceae938 Level II exam difficulty

Hi all, for level II the questions in the online learning platform that are not contained in the end of chapter ones are significantly more difficult.
Do you think these kind of questions represent the average difficulty of the level II exam questions or the average exam question difficulty is a mixture of end of characteonline learning platform ones?
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2022.01.20 19:48 RepentandRebuke A matured INTJs take on why I like ENFPs

So I am not going to make some corny love letter type thing. I know all ENFPs aren't the same and that MBTI is to be taken with a grain of salt. I've been knowing about MBTI since I was a teenager, I am in my late 20s now, so I am kind of a MBTI veteran so to speak lol. But I am 29 now and I have had a lot of experience with about 3 ENFP friends I've known for several years. So I am just going to open my heart and saw what I honestly feel about you guys from my life experience thus far.
You guys are pretty cool. ENFPs are very unique. What I like about you guys is how very different you guys are compared to a person like me. You guys are so unique. I am very quiet, reserved, analytical. I can be perceived as cold to many others as I so often was in the past especially during my high school years. I like however how you guys can easily see through the layers of people. I remember when I first met my ENFP friend in high school, I felt. . .human. Like it was ok to be, "Me.' Yea I was quiet, reserved, and seemed cold and distant to the world, but my ENFP friend was able to see that there was a person in there. I don't know how the hell you guys do that lol, but than God you guys have that ability to see through the layers of people otherwise I would have been living a pretty boring life nor have had the personal development I've had in my life. I like how in a superficial world, you guys are authentic and can see through things. I like how you guys can connect and make anyone feel welcome. Every room you guys step in is usually brighter and my God, I don't like to say this kind of stuff because I'm not the type to be vulnerable, but I must say it. . .you guys are so charming :) Like my heart could be cold as ice, but ENFPs have this uncanny ability to melt the ice away and warm my heart effortlessly. You guy's charm is second to none.
I also like how you guys are. . .weird xD like you guys are so different. You guys are social chameleons, you can be around the cool kids, but at the same time you can be cool with all the other weirdos lol and THEN, you can bring both groups together haha. Its awesome. I like how you guys are extroverted and talkative, but at the same time can be quiet and even at time introverted and reserved. And this to me has always been the most interesting part about you guys because you aren't what people seem on the outside at times, like there is a genuine, authentic, deep reflecting part of you guys that many don't get to see. And in that way I feel like there is a very mysterious part of you guys that I am still trying to figure out.
Furthermore, I like how you guys are,. . .yeah I am going to say it. . .emotional xD. Yes, I secretly like it, even though I would never tell this to my friends. You guy's emotions and energy give me life. Being able to be emotionally free instead of just analytical and stern has always been my achilles heel, which is why I always appreciated the contrast between you guys nature and myself. I like how you guys are just authentic and can real with your emotions and pretty open lol. Like what you see is what you get. I like how you guys are emotional (Like in the way you openly express your emotions freely), talkative and fun, but at the same time very intelligent and can get things done. That is a really cool combination you guys have. Very powerful.
I like how you guys are very understanding. Which was especially true in my younger years. Like for example, I am different. . .and you guys know I am different. . .and you guys know that I know that you know I am different. . .but in some magical way you make it seem like you don't notice and just accept me for who I am and let me develop organically as a person so I won't feel like the weirdo I actually am LOL. You guys are funny.
I also like how you guys talk you yourselves lol. Not all ENFPs do this of course, but I find it very endearing because it is something I would never do, so I just sit back and marvel at how different we are, but how close we are interpersonally at the same time. Many times I would be talking to an ENFP friend and all of the sudden they would say something and I would be like, "I'm sorry did you say something, I didn't hear?" and they would be like, "Oh no, I was just talking to myself, thinking out loud." lol.
I like how you guys can be bright, colorful personality, even wearing colorful clothes, just full of sunshine and roses. . .but at the same time secretly can be dark AF lol. Like what gives? Can be all bubbly but then secretly be dark and cold AF lol. But nah that's just when y'all are depressed or in a bad mood or something from personal experience. Its still cute though lol. I like you guys hunger for adventure and spontaneity, even though it is polar opposite from my rigid structure and planning nature.
I like you guys are emotionally expressive in your face. Like you guys face when you talk or explain riveting stories is always so animated. I also like you guy's silliness. I can go on and on, but you guys are cool man, throughout my life I have always enjoyed your type. Male and female ENFPs. Definitely made my gray world colorful.
Still trying to figure out your dark mysterious side though! It's still elusive to me. One day I'll figure it out.
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2022.01.20 19:48 itwillallbeokayluv didn’t realize how much they meant to me until they weren’t really in my life anymore

have u ever fucked things up with someone u rlly cared for and now things r just different? i miss him we got along so well and had fun together. talking to him felt so fulfilling and encouraging. i’ve called but he declined i don’t want to seem clingy now. ugh idk what to do bc it’s not like i’d actually want to hang out soon, im rlly focusing on myself and im just embarrassed of my appearance and the person i was becoming. i just want to express my love and gratitude for him but is that weird? like is that me just continuing to be confusing? i started falling off a bit with him bc i realized it’s be best to just keep a friendship with him instead. but he seemed to fall off a bit too. fuck should i just do what i feel yolo? i just wanna express how i feel about him better than i did in our recent messages
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2022.01.20 19:48 KiingDoge probably a random spot to put my bed...

probably a random spot to put my bed...
finished my survival base
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Who wins?
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