I think I may get fired..

2021.11.29 04:52 rox90_ I think I may get fired..

So, I started working at Amazon a few months ago and everything was going good. I was excited about transferring and then got my first write up - I had to use the restroom right after my lunch break - a week or so later I got my second write up! All because I forgot to F+Enter my tote before my first break and didn’t realize it until I got back down to the first floor, I logged out of my scanner and went on break.. about 15 minutes after I went back on the floor I got cramps and had to use the restroom, TMI but I had to go # 2 and started my menstrual cycle! 😭 Later that night a red vest comes and says that I’m getting my second write up and even with me explaining what happened, because I forgot to F+Enter my tote it made it seem like I took an hour break. I tried talking to my manager about it and he told me the same thing.. I decided to get a doctor’s accommodation and appeal the write only for them to tell me it was past the 7 day deadline I had to appeal the write up. So, a month later I’ve just been thugging it out and trying to make rate, so that I don’t get fired. Today another red vest I’ve never met came and told me that I took a long break and that he’s going to have to talk to HR about it, even with me explaining the bathroom issue and having a doctor’s accommodation.
With peak and all the MET, I desperately need this job. I have no idea what to do anymore!
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2021.11.29 04:52 ashmute 211128 Jimin Moment on Weverse

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2021.11.29 04:52 mjhruska You Know You've Been Playing A Save For A While When:

  1. Nearly all the pre-made adults/elders have already passed away or worse yet have been culled by the game. Ex: Geeta Rasoya, Ekram Elderberry and Vivian Lewis have been culled while Katrina Caliente and Clara Bjergsen appear as ghosts in trees still. The only exception so far, outside of special NPCs such as Clement Frost, vampires, and the Crumplebottoms, is Marcus Flex who I believe gets bonus days for his fitness skill.
  2. All the original sages have passed away except Morgyn Ember and all your service NPCs are now different such as the maids and nannies.
  3. The teens/young adults from the start of game are adults/elders with teen/young adult children of their own. Ex: Pierce Delgato and Elsa Bjergsen have been together (married with children) since they were teenagers and those children are both young adults now. Luna Villareal and Wolfgang Munch are now grandparents. Salim Benali just became an elder and a first time grandfather within my last sim week.
  4. Evie Delgato and the Bheeda's unborn child (son Travis in my current save) are both young adults now.
For those curious, I am on week 28, Day 4/5 of my current save.
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2021.11.29 04:52 nickdc_best Swapping 36m osrs for RS3

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2021.11.29 04:52 Qibli9 WHAT IS WRONG WITH MARCY'S FREAKING FACE!?!?!?!?!

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2021.11.29 04:52 Martijn137 looking for amp / DAC recommendations

Hello! new guy here looking for information / suggestions for use with my first IEM's
I am looking for a amp / DAC for my KZ-ZSX IEM's. budget up to 100 euro, but around 50 would be preferable if there are any.
would be mainly used with a laptop, but a option to connect wireless to my phone would be great (usb c port of my phone is dead, glad I have wireless charging)
right now i use a small dac / amp from aliexpres but the volume is not controllable on that thing (looks like an usb memory stick) and these IEM's are so sensitive i set the volume from the laptop to 3 and still need to turn down the volume in spotify.....
so volume controle on the dac / amp is needed.
to summarize: budget: max 100 preferable around 50 euro's connection: USB C (with wireless as an option) needs volume control on the dac / amp
looking forward to your suggestions, hope I provided enough information, otherewise let me know.
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2021.11.29 04:52 HitItTillItBreaks7 The right ending.

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2021.11.29 04:52 Ramos-polifan tips and tricks for beginners

i am new in this game i am not able to win in online matches plz give some trick I have only 1 iconic gullet and only 1 featured card haland till now with few black cards
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2021.11.29 04:52 VincentJHastings Comparing hashes?

So this is my code: https://pastebin.com/tqrvwcQ6
I've been trying for 2 days to compare the stored hash against the generated hash and for some reason I don't get the expected output.
The master password that is inputted is always the same, and the hash that is generated using the salt is always the same, but the original hash is different. Can anybody help me?
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2021.11.29 04:52 bzg How to help GNU Emacs maintainers?

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2021.11.29 04:52 williamshort81 Caught a couple thefts

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2021.11.29 04:52 Important_Holiday_63 Just hit this freaked out Bitch

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2021.11.29 04:52 ParticularAd4039 For a personal use only car, can leasing be a better option than buying outright, financially?

I always wondered why people would lease instead of buy/finance. Was wondering whether I missed something.
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2021.11.29 04:52 KrioDio Red flags!🚩

Have you experienced a moment with a women, she does something, or say something that just goes cold down your back. You just know this is a red flag? Share your stories!
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2021.11.29 04:52 Open-Fusion These are very useful

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2021.11.29 04:52 LMikeyy Just getting back into smite, been playing since season 3 off and on. Wanting to get into ranked.

My question is, is ranked as toxic as casuals? And also, are there any end of season rewards like how there is in league of legends for making a certain rank?
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2021.11.29 04:52 Sea-Ad-4481 How much would you rate my Pixel Piggies out of 10? If you want to view the collection go to https://opensea.io/collection/thepixelpigs. These are all rare with their own traits. Only 50 of these are available and each one is individually designed (Took me 100+Hours to do this😴 and I'm off to sleep

How much would you rate my Pixel Piggies out of 10? If you want to view the collection go to https://opensea.io/collection/thepixelpigs. These are all rare with their own traits. Only 50 of these are available and each one is individually designed (Took me 100+Hours to do this😴 and I'm off to sleep submitted by Sea-Ad-4481 to MarsWallStreet [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 04:52 CholadoDude32 EQ for Drop B tuning (low tunings)?

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2021.11.29 04:52 sleepyralphiee I sure do love Rouge from X-Men

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2021.11.29 04:52 Xeltrix-NMS My first Lego mech can breakdance 😳

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2021.11.29 04:52 BroIamBeingSarcastic Just did bestbuy

Dna worked 900 dollar item with 3 previous purchases on file. The refund took 2 weeks but I got a free laptop
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2021.11.29 04:52 niuz-bot Tulpina Omicron. OMS: Omicron are un număr fără precedent de mutații la proteina spike / Ce spune unul dintre primii medici care au descoperit tulpina - [Actualitate][Coronavirus]

Omicron, noua variantă a coronavirusului, este detectată rapid în tot mai multe țări, în timp ce unele guverne iau restricții contra călătoriilor internaționale pentru a încerca să se izoleze. Răspândirea B.1.1.529, o tulpină cu peste 30 de mutații în partea de virus vizată de actualele vaccinuri, este, probabil, mult mai mare decât cea descoperită prin teste.
Citeste in continuare: https://www.hotnews.ro/stiri-coronavirus-25211732-tulpina-omicron-oms-omicron-are-numar-fara-precedent-mutatii-proteina-spike-spune-unul-dintre-primii-medici-care-descoperit-tulpina.htm
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2021.11.29 04:52 BluePikmin0 Can anything be done for our BUGG?

Our 15 year old bugg is likely going to be put down in the morning/afternoon. He's a old and my family thinks hes losing his eyesight. He has no function in his back legs and pee's/poops uncontrollably at times. He's also gotten a lot thinner in his backside/hind legs.
We have a doggie wheel-chair and all the vets aren't accepting new people/animals. They think his time has come but I wanted to get extra advice on if this is the best route for him.
Here's a picture of him: doggo
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2021.11.29 04:52 Cheeseburgerman60 What is everyone’s favorite movie to play?

I really enjoyed playing Through The Phantom Menace, mostly because it gave my brother and I both a chance to play as Jedi consistently
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2021.11.29 04:52 wonderkidf8ukfy T-90 Tank: The Russian Army's Deadliest Tank!

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