New to 3Ds max, thought I would share a couple of my renders.

2021.10.22 11:02 RaSalih New to 3Ds max, thought I would share a couple of my renders.

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2021.10.22 11:02 A_Random_Sith Who's the best Spiderman?

View Poll
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2021.10.22 11:02 throwawaydotcomslash 28 [M4F] Anyone want to chat?

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2021.10.22 11:02 niuz-bot LIVE Raed Arafat anunță noile restricții în pandemie: Accesul în toate zonele, cu excepția farmaciilor și magazinelor alimentare, se va face cu Certificat verde. Pentru toate magazinele din mall trebuie certificat - [Articole]

Raed Arafat, secretar de stat, șef al DSU, anunță vineri noile restricții în pandemie decise în ședința de guvern. Urmărește LIVE: Raed Arafat: A sosit… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare:
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2021.10.22 11:02 reallyjustthis1post Porn subreddits were way better when they weren't full of mediocre women trying to shill their OnlyFans

Yeah, whatever. Someone had to say it.
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2021.10.22 11:02 Simonbargiora How Geoph Daystrom got the nickname “shitty” dosen’t quite answer the question
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2021.10.22 11:02 HU55LEH4RD Warhammer Fantasy RPG eBook Bundle by Cubicle 7

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2021.10.22 11:02 3x15x3x11 The peak of my life was the time between finishing school and getting a job

Title syas it all, it's so depressjng
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2021.10.22 11:02 Thejulionic No pre order from me

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2021.10.22 11:02 jc_223 [US-OH] [H] Artisans [W] PayPal, Trades

Hello MM!
Still have some artisans for sale or trade.
Please see pricing info and availability below. Prices do not include shipping on single caps. Buy 2 or more and shipping will be free. CONUS Only.
In terms of trade I would be interested in RAMA artisans (specifically one of the RAMA's from Striker R1). I am willing to do multiple or all of my artisans for a RAMA trade. Also open to other trades so shoot me an offer.
As always please comment before you PM and have a great day!

1 $10 - Mohawk Caps One Eyed Jason $10 - Mohawk Caps One Eyed Jason
2 $10 - Mohawk Caps One Eyed Jason $10 - Mohawk Caps One Eyed Jason $10 - Mohawk Caps One Eyed Jason
3 $20 - CozCaps BigMouth - BloodBoi $20 - CozCaps IdleKey V2 - DeepSpace Race
4 $15 - CozCaps XP2 - Bleeding Clouds $15 - CozCaps XP2 - Pink Skies $15 - CozCaps XP2 - WarTorn
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2021.10.22 11:02 JA122333 Studying and Preparing for CCFA (help)

I'm planning to take the CCFA in the near future, but from what I've found online (much of it in this subreddit) I'm not sure how much time is needed to study, if the self-taught University courses are enough, and if they still have the very specific questions on sub-menu items that are harder now that the exam isn't open book.
In previous posts on this subreddit I noticed it was mentioned that there weren't any practice exams, but I've now found one for each Cert on the University site. How good are these at reflecting the actual exams? If I can complete the practice CCFA confidently, then do I have a good chance at the actual exam?
So, my questions consist of:
How long did people spend studying for the exam before passing it?
Are the 100 courses on the University site enough? I can't take the 200 sadly.
Is all the documentation ont he University enough to pass the exam?
Are the questions still hyper specific on sub-menu items that are harder now that it isn't open book?
Are the practice exams a good reflection fo the real exams?

Thanks for any help!
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2021.10.22 11:02 usa0533 Jojo's be like

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2021.10.22 11:02 tim_durgan Office vibes

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2021.10.22 11:02 ZoolShop The Trilogy Price, Release Date, Footage

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2021.10.22 11:02 MythSky Neowiz opens CBT Playtest Registrations for A.V.A. on Steam!

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2021.10.22 11:02 PIXELIUN [FOR HIRE] Concept Artist and Illustrator Open commissions /65usd/

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2021.10.22 11:02 SAtechnewsbot This USB-C hub brings additional ports and storage to your bare laptop

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2021.10.22 11:02 sackclothsamuel Samtober Week 3

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2021.10.22 11:02 TravisWatson23 Issue setting up windows

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2021.10.22 11:02 Ok-Rich3186 WoollyDoge | Launching Now 🚀 | Earn 7% DogeCoin just by holding! | Auto distribution and Dividend payouts 💰

Woolly Doge is a type of Shiba Inu that is randomly born with a recessive trait that makes their hair very long, very fluffy and very cute! Woolly doges are born randomly and very rarely, and therefore cannot be created like regular Doges. It’s up to pure luck for a Momma and Daddy Doge to have a Woolly Doge in their litter. Celebrities spend 5x the price for these eccentric fur balls because of how rare and cute they are.
Woolly Doge is the fluffiest doge of the Doge family. He was the only doge in the family born with extra long fur, which makes him very rare and extremely cute. The rest of the doge family makes fun of Woolly, but secretly they envy him. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t help but to collapse on the floor and start crying when I look at Woolly Doge because he’s so darn cute!
Woolly spent his first days getting bullied by his brothers and sisters, especially Mini doge. They would bite him, and drag him around by his long fur coat, but they couldn’t hurt him because his fur was so thick! This has made Woolly Doge by far the most resilient of all the doges. One day, when Woolly was playing in the front of the Doge family’s mansion home, his jealous sister Mini Doge pushed him into the street, right in front of a speeding car! Woolly rolled into the cars path… ‘Skreeeeeeetch’ went the car! What happened next, made the entire Doge family drop their jaws. To their shock and surprise, the speeding car bounced off of Woolly Doge, doing a front flip over itself and landed perfectly on it’s wheels and kept on driving. Fearing for Woolly’s life, all the Doges ran over to see if Woolly was alright. Woolly Doge was LAUGHING OUT LOUD. Woolly Doge’s extra fuzzy fur acted as a shock absorber and didn’t feel a thing!
Tokenomics :
✅ TOKEN NAME: WoollyDoge
✅ Total Suply : 1,000,000,000
✅ 7% Doge per transaction for holders
✅ 2% Transaction Marketing/Buyback
✅ 1% To Liquidity
🔥 Why should you invest in WoollyToken🔥
✅ Verified contract
✅ Lp lock 1 year
✅ 💯 Safu NO dev wallet
✅ 100% community owned
✅ No rug
✅ Tons of Marketing plans
✅ Easy x100 Profit
The WoollyDoge team has a strong roadmap with big plans for growing the community, huge marketing pushes, giveaways and a smart contract audit just to name a few. between the pending btok application, and the 30k poocoin marketing budget our community will be excited they joined the woolly community.
Once this hits CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap theres a good chance you will regret not checking them out sooner.
Contract: 0xa07b41fe4fac83d1a194106173f69c3b32dfc777
Buy Here:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.22 11:02 m7erz News for Northern Ireland – 24 October 2021

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2021.10.22 11:02 SAtechnewsbot Standard Bank takes a hard stance against crytpocurrency arbitraging

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2021.10.22 11:02 StrumElch Missing AXS on Binance spot wallet?

Hey there,
I just checked my ronin address for binance to doublecheck the correct adress. By doing this, i found that i deposited some AXS before. However if i check my Binance spot wallet, no AXS show up.
Did this happen to any1 of you before?
(ps.: support will be contacted asap)
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2021.10.22 11:02 KoolNKrazi Now Only 20kr!

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