A more clear/enhanced version

BE HEARD LOUD AND CLEAR Enhanced, enlarged 6 mm mic makes sure your squadmates can hear you. Flip-to-mute boom silences you when you don’t want to be heard and folds up out of the way when you don’t need it. DTS HEADPHONE:X 2.0 Note: All positions offered are subject to a clear Enhanced DBS and suitable references being obtained. To apply, please send your CV, together with a covering letter explaining why you would like to work with us, using the form below. Our pledges to you: Our driving motivations are the quality of our private Occupational Therapy assessments & disability access audit services and the satisfaction of our client’s.; We will always offer the most competitive price structure possible for all of our award winning independent Occupational Therapy (private OT) and disability access audit services. The EZVIZ LC1C is a security camera and outdoor floodlight in one amazing package, meeting your need for both security and nighttime illumination in the yard, driveway, and more. Sign on to Thomson Reuters products and services including Westlaw, Westlaw Edge, Practical Law, CLEAR, ProView, law books, practice management solutions, and more. Welcome to UK Planet Tools Best Online Tool Shop! Buy power tools online in UK at a good price. Delivery is available in London, Liverpool, Bristol, Manchester and other cities. Cheap tools from best suppliers. Wireless Headphones for Quality Home Entertainment. Wireless headphones receive an audio signal via radio waves rather than via a cable. As an alternative to Bluetooth headphones, they are particularly suitable for home entertainment, such as TV and radio, as these devices are not usually Bluetooth-enabled. The universal lightweight G431 gaming headset features 50mm audio drivers, DTS surround sound, 6mm mic & more.

2021.10.22 10:55 ELDENRING_fan A more clear/enhanced version

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2021.10.22 10:55 jookco Dianna Marie Hoyler Death - Dead - Obituary News : Galveston fatal car accident yesterday Click link to read full story.

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2021.10.22 10:55 LordCommanderBlack What was Swiss- Imp. German relations like between 1871-1914 during the height of national unification movements?

While Switzerland is a multi lingual/nation country but 60% of the population was Swiss-German.
Did patriotism to the Swiss republic just surpass any feelings of national unity to the German, French, Italian cultural spheres Or was there a significant movement to have Switzerland divided and absorbed into the 3 larger nations?
I have heard before that german speaking Switzerland was working to adopt the standard German dialect of the Empire to better integrate themselves with the wider german world, but efforts being put on hold because WWI and fully ended because of WWII.
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2021.10.22 10:55 QR-T For US, Laser Hair Removal $119 , dm me if interested 🙂

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2021.10.22 10:55 Guinea-mom Guinea pig bites us

One of my Guinea pigs is very bite happy. He will bite when you pick him up and even when you pet him. (Even when you let him sniff your hand)
He draws blood on occasions.
I “rescued” him from my niece when he was about 11 months and he had been in a pet store plastic cage with no house and toys until he was 7 months and I bought her a bigger cage and housing for him.
He doesn’t trust us and I’m trying to get him to trust us but idk how. I’m honestly scared to hold him because he’ll act like he’s cool with it and when you pet him he’ll attack very fast.
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2021.10.22 10:55 Asartea Patch Notes - 22 October 2021

- Rat Market:
-- The text on branches for selling 5x tier 5 items now states the correct amount of rat-shillings (850).
-- Lowered the sale price of 1x tier 5 item to 200 rat-shillings (was 250).
--- The previous value made the premium on those items much better than other items when factored as part of an action loop, as you’d spend many more actions selling at the rat market, thus generating more additional value. This change should put all tiers of items roughly in line with each other, everything else being equal.
-- Lowered the sale price of 1x Fourth-City Echo to 160 rat-shillings (was 200)
-- Lowered the sale price of 5x Fourth-City Echos to 680 rat-shillings (was 700)
-- Selling 5x Fourth-City Echos now costs a single action
- University Laboratory: -- Many, many changes and additions. See https://www.failbettergames.com/perfecting-your-laboratory/
-- Building a rifle at the Laboratory is now an experiment with multiple stages. The first stage can be completed immediately for an Ancient Hunting Rifle, or progressed to the second stage for an Infernal Sharpshooter’s Rifle. The research cost for the second stage has been adjusted down to make up for the extra action.
- Giving the CVR 1000 Souls and 100 Infernal Contracts now grants only 1-2 Favours from a random faction, chosen between the Church, Constables, or Society.
-- Previously, the branch granted 4-5 Favours from all three factions, in addition to zeroing all Menaces. With the increasing value of Favours, it was possible to recoup more than the cost of taking this branch, which meant that this card trivialized Menaces entirely. This went against the original intent for this branch – that it was a costly but very effective way to get rid of all your Menaces.
- Jericho statues that granted Parabolan Research no longer do so. Instead, they now grant more Warm Amber and Whispered Hints.
- Using an Ivory Femur on Assemble a Skeleton now uses the correct icon.
- the Pair of Irrigo Goggles is now +8 Watchful / -1 Persuasive / -1 Bizarre (Was +6/-1/0)
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2021.10.22 10:55 markruffalosbitch Looking for ways to improve my first embroidery project on denim

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2021.10.22 10:55 trumpphalleparker_45 Dont ask me who's Rem we gonna have a problem

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2021.10.22 10:55 luximo55 Why is this shit so small

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2021.10.22 10:55 glhfggftw Has anyone experienced this? Nothing happens when I tap on HP. This is in one of the starting tutorials. iOS 15. Thanks.

Has anyone experienced this? Nothing happens when I tap on HP. This is in one of the starting tutorials. iOS 15. Thanks. submitted by glhfggftw to MegaManXDiVE [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 10:55 wutamisposedtodo How many times are Nynaeve and co. trapped/tricked into helplessness?

It is really irritating me how many times Nynaeve seems to trust random people and is "caught off guard" by them poisoning her or etc. and being captured/knocked out/made completely helpless for one reason or another. I'm on book 5 and I think it's happened thrice already.
I mean how many times does it take for her to recognize when someone is acting shady?
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2021.10.22 10:55 rwoooshed Huawei says first HarmonyOS-powered car to be unveiled by year-end or early next year

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2021.10.22 10:55 NateTheLasagna Any good Starter Items for Joust?

I've been playing tons of Joust and with gods like Janus and Ao Kuang I feel like I've been better off not building starter items compared to normal conquest, so I was wondering if there's other Starter Items worth using for different gods post season 8, with the starter item changes and all
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2021.10.22 10:55 dwiirafrayy Dutch x Indonesian x Arabian

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2021.10.22 10:55 Aichi337 How do I get into the habit of actually producing a lot?

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2021.10.22 10:55 Jensendavisss [feedback] I'm a new artist just trying to grow, could anyone please listen to my latest track and give their thoughts

I can link my spotify if you like it, just send me a pm
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2021.10.22 10:55 lamw07 Does vCenter Server recycle VM MAC Addresses after Cross vCenter vMotion?

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2021.10.22 10:55 edilkes21 Okay how..

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2021.10.22 10:55 sgabi_55 :( songs

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2021.10.22 10:55 SkyVoyd Who do you remove?

Last night’s talking point was the snubs from the all time 75 (76) list. You got names like Dwight, VC, TP, etc. Floating around those topics. Now let me know who are y’all gonna remove from the top 75 (76) and who are you gonna replace them with and what are your reasons?
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2021.10.22 10:55 Ok-Restaurant-7992 is there a new chapter today?

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2021.10.22 10:55 wegster Looking for some help/info on Eunorau FAT-HS ebike

Looking for some help/info on Eunorau FAT-HS ebike Hi all,
Picked up a pair of used low miles ebikes recently (our first) for my wife and I, mine being a Eunorau FAT-HS. ( https://eunorau-ebike.com/products/eunorau-48v1000w-fat-hs-all-terrain-fat-tire-electric-mountain-bike-electric-hunting-fishing-bike )
I had some questions - tried emailing Eunorau numerous times and finally got *A* response, but literally nothing of worth (e.g. won't give me a derailleur hangar PN but say to buy it from them but literally no way to do so.....), so hoping Redditors may be able to help out here. Any help on any of the below appreciated.
  1. The motor is a Bafang M615 (AKA G320.750/1000) 1000W, which seems to be in the 'BBHSD' series (cadence sensor only), but I can't find any detailed info on it - service or user manual, parts diagram, differences vs any newer motors, etc. Does anything exist out there? (Can find plenty of info on e.g. M620 but not M615..)
  2. The rear derailleur hanger was broken by the PO. He did have a friend CNC machine one, and once I aligned the hangar and replaced the crap Sunrise derailleur, shifter and cable it's working well, but I'd really like to know what hangar I can use for if/when this happens in the future. Pic shown below.
Can anyone identify a ready replacement?
  1. PO claimed he'd mail me the kickstand (guy was in the middle of a big move), and so far it hasn't happened - it has 40mm separation on swingers/chainstay holes for a stand - can anyone recommend what was the OEM stand or at least one that isn't crap?
  2. When I got into display settings, there's a battery info section, but the display seems to not be able to communicate with the battery/the info values remain blank. Display in this case is a DP-C18 - normal for this display, can the display firmware be updated, other? Batteries are 2 48v 14aH, pic below.
  1. I did NOT get the second battery mounting plate, so while I have 2x batteries, both of which will go into the in-frame position, I'd like to at least know how/where to get replacement batteries, and the second battery mounting plate and right cable going to the bike. Pic of bike connector shown. Any info appreciated. I'm assuming the electronics for handling dual batteries properly are on the other side of the plug, but any info is helpful.
connector on bike - type/cable needed for second battery?
  1. Seems like the Bolton Lancer is a straight clone of this bike (in grey). Does anyone know of any others (am thinking for parts), or how/where to get the rear rack for this thing? (has frame bosses for rack, while Eunorau has a fenders and rack item that's OOS, plus well - would rather not hand them cash after their CS was just utter crap.
  2. The wiring on the bottom front of the motor is well, stupid, and exposed. Has anyone found a decent skid plate to attach to this bike reasonably cleanly or can recommend something? Mostly using for road rides with some packed dirt on occasion, but rode dual-sport motorcycles for years and not opposed to getting dirtier or a bit airborne... the exposed wires are just stupid waiting to happen..
Finally, if anyone has a PDF of the manual for the bike, please let me know. Eunorau when they finally responded sent a manual to .
Overall, the bike is ok. The PO replaced the rear spring shock with an air shock, added dropper post and C9 seat, a carbon fiber stem, and ergo grips. My wife's Bosch 500W, torque-sensing Gazelle Medeo is of course much more refined, has a manual, etc..and while was initially annoyed the Bafang is cadence sensor only, I can gear down to bigger sprockets and 'ghost pedal' or gear up vs the power level I set to still get a workout. I had been looking at a Biktrix and small number of others, but the whole supply chain mess/stock situation followed by finding a literally new minus 22 miles bike for my wife - made this the path for now - will use it as a learning experience for parts and things I like and don't for next time, and meanwhile am at least getting some activity and exercise in and planning bike routes with the wife.
Oh yeah - the fatty tires definitely hum on the road and the front shock seems a bit total meh with spring only and pretty limited travel, but overall ok.
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2021.10.22 10:55 FoodNewsVideo THAI ICED TEA Milk Tea Thai Pulled Tea Teh Tarik Street Food Thailand ชาชัก | Food News Video

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2021.10.22 10:55 DonaldCourter Interview with General Secretary of Communists of Russia Party Maxim Suraykin (pt. 2)

How capitalism changed Russian society after the fall of the USSR...
Cuban perserverence and Chinese innovation...
What would become of Russia's oligarchs if the KPKR were to come to power?
You'll find these topics, and more, included in this part of TheRevolutionReport's interview with Maxim Suraykin!
The Communists of Russia Party is one of two Russian communist parties (the other being the KPRF) which are legally registered to run in elections throughout the Russian Federation.
You can find information, in English, about the Party on their website: https://komros.info/english/
This is part 2 of a 4-part-series that will be see releases every Wednesday, so stay tuned for the rest!
Please support TheRevolutionReport on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TheRevolutionReport
Check out TheRevolutionReport Newsletter and Donald Courter's political analyses at the channel's official website: https://www.donaldcourter.com/​​
We are also on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therevolutionreport_
Follow Donald on Twitter: u/DonaldCourter
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2021.10.22 10:55 Fentalzoid Onnikoti Riekkomäen työntekijän koronatestitulos osoittautui virheelliseksi

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