I am the king of making bad decisions AMA

2021.09.25 22:35 LotsofFiber I am the king of making bad decisions AMA

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2021.09.25 22:35 PsychedelicMention "psilocybin" in /r/exchristian: Might be a little out there question- -- "..success using psychedelics (psilocybin) to unlearn and de.."

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2021.09.25 22:35 dado_stark Literally sighing

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2021.09.25 22:35 zin4t NJ - placement advice wanted! back of neck, forearm right below wrist?drop ideas

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2021.09.25 22:35 Obsidianista My new house

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2021.09.25 22:35 ifan2218 Grey Poupon, Dukes, ham, chicken, sour dill pickles, and Muenster

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2021.09.25 22:35 RedSlimeballYT [TOMT] [COMEDY] "I am honored to be elected the first female president of the United States... In the year 3025!"

there was this one comedy video i saw that was about 'the first female president of the united states' and the first joke starts off (as you have seen in the title) with "in the year 3025" then it goes with another joke saying "i certainly didn't think it would take all men on the earth disappearing at the same time" and jokes like "our scientists best guess that they floated into the sky like the plot of the tv show "the leftovers" so if anybody was able to make it to the finale of that show please contact the fbi immediately" then there was this joke presentation thingy where the comedian said "i am thrilled to announce the construction of 'the good ones' memorial" then on the projector screen showed a picture of a beach during sunset with 3 sections overlaid on it with a title saying "in memory of "the good ones"" which basically showed a very long list of gay men, a very long list of trans men, and finally a very very short list of cis straight men and then there were other jokes like replacing the national holidays with holidays like the annual purge (which the comedian jokingly clarified that it was not a day where murder's legal but just a day of a big clothing swap) and a bunch of other jokes like "yes i have chosen my presidential cabinet it is my 3 bestfriends from highschool/the bridesmaids at my wedding minus melissa because of the thing we had last year" and a sleepover at the oval office quoted "every woman on earth is invited except for melissa" and "she knows what she did" and about one joke later the video ended right as the lights turned off and there wasn't any context as to where the comedy took place or what name did it have or smth idk
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2021.09.25 22:35 XYRSOR This is how granny f**k*d me up urdu/hindi

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2021.09.25 22:35 oogabooga0919 what could be the cause of this discoloration on my arms? how could i get rid of it?

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2021.09.25 22:35 footwit Гвардиола назвал Жезуса одним из своих лучших приобретений в "Сити"

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2021.09.25 22:35 Apprehensive-War-554 Why did Lola let Francis claim his son?

I know that this question sounds very stupid but please hear me out:
Lola mentioned several times that she didn't wanted to be tied with Francis for her freedom. She even went ahead to abort her child despite the fact that she may die, and only changed her decision when Mary stopped her.
And then she took the next obvious step and decided to see suitors before it started to show which led to her marrying Julian. Then Julian had to go away but the baby could still keep his name.
When Francis saw Lola again she even said that nobody had to know of his real parentage and the baby could still keep Julian's name. And when they met conde she was ready to leave to some place in a boat but then Francis suddenly changed his mind. We could also see Lola was not too happy about it when he said that they (Lola and their son) couldn't leave as she helplessly watched them.
Even when Catherine arranged a grand ceremony when Francis decided to claim him, Lola was not to happy about it. Hell even the name she wanted for her child was changed (if I remember correctly she wanted to name him something else) and as she predicted her family disowned her.
Lola knew all this would happen but still after reaching the court or even before that (when Francis stopped her from leaving) she NOT EVEN ONCE protested that he shouldn't claim his son. The child could still have had a proper name then being called a bastard and Lola his mistress EVEN IF FRANCIS DECIDED TO TAKE THEM TO COURT.
If here the question was of baby's good environment and upbringing Francis could still have provided that , there was no reason for him to claim the child to do that. So it really surprised me that Lola raised no objections to this matter or situation and calmly let Francis claim his son and thus get tied to the court forever when she could have avoided that as she still had Julian's name.
And even if she was in no place to raise any objections, she still never showed any anger on Francis for putting her in this predicament (by making her seem as an official mistress) which she could have very well and almost avoided, especially when Francis knew how much she didn't wanted to be tied to court life.
Am I the only one who saw this and was confused that Lola never showed any objections, especially when she went to great lengths to protect her child's true parentage and so that she couldn't be shamed?
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2021.09.25 22:35 _pauloch Concurso BB amanhã e comida

Eu estava dando uma lida no edital de novo só pra não ter nenhuma surpresa amanhã, vai que eu esqueci de algo, né? E me veio uma coisa na cabeça: em momento nenhum o edital proíbe levar comida... Mas um item proíbe retirar a máscara enquanto estiver dentro da sala!
Como que eu vou comer de máscara?? E aí, o que acham?
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2021.09.25 22:35 throwaway23457912352 Something that's bugging me

First, I'm sorry about the large text. I tried to resume it as much as I could.
Second, if this is not the right place to post this, please let me know and I'll remove it.
So, my girlfriend (22) and I (26) have been together for about 4 years (2 in a serious relationship). We talk about our future together, we are living together and we plan on getting married soon and having children. We live a relatively peaceful life, no family issues, no overwhelming jealousy, we both have jobs, etc. I love sex, but I can control myself, as you'll soon see.
When we were only fooling around, she was very enticing, even in public (not in an exhibitionist way, only that we would have foreplay and sex in discreet but public places). This happened for a year and a half, give or take. Then I had to leave for about a year, we broke up, and when I returned, we got back together officially (mostly because she was very insistent). I have no doubt that she really loves me and is faithful (regular daily things that set my mind at ease in that regard). And I am very respectful and faithful to her. But after we got back together, she changed a bit. We have sex about once a week, if so. She works a full shift and I work two shifts, so we don't see each other that much. Before she would send me sexy pictures and even nudes, but now she doesn't, says she's afraid and not comfortable. Foreplay is barely existent, as she doesn't really like to do oral.
But when we do have sex, is amazing. She opens up, she even gets a little wild, and she cums a couple of times. I know she feels pain sometimes when we try more common positions (doggy and prone), so we pretty much do missionary and cowgirl, or standing up in the shower.
When we talk about this "problem" she gets upset because of the fact that she's "not in the mood", and says she's sorry, even gets emotional sometimes. She says she doesn't know what's wrong, that it's not about me or about us, that she just doesn't feel like it. Two times she told me "I'm going to change, I'll be a better girlfriend" and I say to her "it's ok, it'll be fine, you're perfect as you are".
She's very mature for her age, so there are no childish things between us. And I try to be as patient and comprehensive as I can, but I'm starting to get a little annoyed by it. I'm not thinking about leaving her because I really do love her and we are building a life together. Cheating is also out of question. But I'm worried that this is what our married life will be.
Anyone got some tips or thoughts about all of this?
Tl;Dr: my gf used to really like sex, but now doesn't like it that much.
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2021.09.25 22:35 chipndip_ What's a less-common sport that should be more popular?

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2021.09.25 22:35 Dickoreeeeee 🤔😁

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2021.09.25 22:35 Reddit_Weird The Chrysler Building

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2021.09.25 22:35 Lukki7ster What is wrong with my boo boo? Is she killing off that leaf because a new one is on the way? And also see in the pic where i stole clips from my orchid and propped it back up. Is that bad? Waaaaah 😭. Ps im new to plants so go easy on me

What is wrong with my boo boo? Is she killing off that leaf because a new one is on the way? And also see in the pic where i stole clips from my orchid and propped it back up. Is that bad? Waaaaah 😭. Ps im new to plants so go easy on me submitted by Lukki7ster to plantclinic [link] [comments]

2021.09.25 22:35 Geleeke На акции коммунистов кричат «долой власть чекистов». Это какой-то запредельный сюрреализм, товарищи.

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2021.09.25 22:35 coolwali I Sometimes Wish Lawyers Existed Outside The Fantastical World Of My Novels

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2021.09.25 22:35 GMAndersson Zath Archpriest spawns?

So i recently started playing Conan and I was searching online for a guide on archpriest spawns but all of them were 2-3 years old and as I understand it Zath is pretty new. So my question is where can you find a zath arch priest or named priest?
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2021.09.25 22:35 Pleasant-Chapter438 Cant get KinematicBody2D movement working

Hey guys, i recently (1 month) started using the godot engine for creating games. As many tutorials and documentations told me, I theoratically could move a KinematicBody2D by using the move_andd_slide() function. That didnt work in my case for unknown reason, so I tried using set_position() and $Node.position = Vector2 but that didnt work either. I dont know why. Pls send help :)
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2021.09.25 22:35 Sad_Land_4412 Unsure about Tax(US)

Hi everyone,
I started work at a B4 tax a little over two months ago. I am just wrapping up my first busy season. While tax doesn't make my eyes bleed or anything like that, it's not something that I think I'd want to do long-term. I'm thinking about a switch to audit and I was wondering if anyone has had this same experience or any advice to share. I am not sure if I want to talk to my supervisor since she is also my direct report on my current engagement. Is it to early to talk about switching? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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2021.09.25 22:35 AnalTuberculosis Leaving r/autism

I dunno.. the amount of people saying theyre self diagnosed on that subreddit now just worries me. I get some people can't get proffesionally diagnosed but I cant help but believe a vast majority of them are faking.
It's dramatically becoming harder to connect with the people there. The posts either make me feel like my Autism makes me highly immature, or theyre just reposting the same memes about how saying "everybody is a little autistic" is bad (which they are correct, but ive seen those memes way too much) and reposting in general
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2021.09.25 22:35 Data_Common Last one

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2021.09.25 22:35 tapestrynotes if life repeats forever ill meet you back here

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