Como jogar RPG de mesa via Internet sendo novato?

2021.09.25 22:49 hd_davidson Como jogar RPG de mesa via Internet sendo novato?

Bom basicamente o título...
Eu e meu primo queremos jogar, 30 anos, nunca jogamos e queremos
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2021.09.25 22:49 MelIoow [Online][Campaign][$10][7PM UTC+1 Saturday][5thEd][LFM][Homebrew] One Player Needed for Taleweaver Empires

Since the turn of the 53rd century, the orc state of Qhan has taken big economic leaps. The monopoly that was once held by the dwarves’ Trade Guild is being reduced by the orcs’ mercantile initiatives. Their machinery, engine, and spare parts business, and the new Bank of Qhan are all threatening the millions of gold passing through the dwarven vaults. Now, the dwarves have had enough. They have hired no-gooders, pirates, and bandits of all sorts to frustrate the orcs and plunder their trade routes. The orcs have not only tried to defend themselves but they have chosen to retaliate. The two states, lacking evidence to pin the blame on each other, have gone into a cold war for the trade routes.
Meanwhile, seeing the opportunity in Qhan, you and your friends opened an engine and spare parts business with all of your savings. However, as the cold war escalated, your profits and savings have dried up, your company is now in the red. The business could be successful if only you can make a single trade without it getting robbed or plundered. The cost of security is too high, you can no longer afford it. Coming out of retirement, you don your adventuring cloak and decide to protect your next cargo with your own life. Everything you have built lies on this company being successful. Combat? Diplomacy? Negotiations? How do you solve your problems?
Introduction The Taleweaver Chronicles is a fantasy project me and my community of players have built for almost two years. It is an open-world epic high-fantasy setting inspired by Malazan, Faerun, and Baldur’s Gate. This game is one where your actions actually define and shape the world and you can become major factors in its future. The adventures follow a sequential timeline where each party’s actions may affect another party in their own game, as each of the adventurers travel in roughly the same times.
The setting of this world is medieval fantasy on a global scale. There are several states all inhabiting a variety of races and there are several religions. The rate of development for each state and continent vary largely.
As a DM, I have a neutral approach to games and I don’t do much in the manner of scaling the game to level. I believe that a level one party can kill a dragon with the right amount of improvisation. I won’t assume. If you go looking for trouble, odds are you will find it (it is an open-world game after all). But, I know how important it is for a group to have purpose, which is why I do a bit of nudging here and there. I’ll encourage a balance of roleplay and action by default, but ultimately, the way the party interacts with the world will determine the experience.
If your group wants to run the most successful trade conglomerate, or find a tower to hatch evil schemes, or just go around crusading justice, be my guest! The only limits are your imagination. Join us and write your own story.
What You Need To Play: The game will have maps on Roll20 and there will be music and sound effects for the atmosphere. However, voice will be done on Discord.
Character Creation and Rules This world is a large one. All things to see have not been seen and strange creatures appear every now and then. No rules limit your creation process. I’ll vet anything I think isn’t obnoxious, and reserve the right to change my mind if I see it’s truly broken.
Pricing This is a paid continuous campaign designed to last as long as possible. Each session will cost 10 USD or you can pay 35 USD for an entire month (you can pay on PayPal or subscribe on Patreon).
About Me My name is Mellow and I am a student of literature and law. I have over 15 years of TTRPG experience and at least 3 professional DMing. I can’t call myself a voice actor yet - but I do try to be one. Hopefully, I will get better with you guys as time goes on.
Time and Date Saturdays by 7PM UTC+1. Sessions typically last 4 hours but may vary higher or lower depending on circumstances.
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2021.09.25 22:49 Striking_Welcome Utah mountains [oc] [6016x3097]

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2021.09.25 22:49 Tim_Horn After Action report of Japorea! My 1st Custom Nation from 2019

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2021.09.25 22:49 Dawnamite [PC Server] - [ARKADE] - [PvP & PvE]

With 30+ maps, 20 powerful dedicated servers, 8500+ member Discord, weekly Fireside chat where admins work with the community, 24/7 support, and continual refinement of our settings/mods as Ark evolves, ARKADE is here to bring you - Survival Perfected! With servers in both NA and EU, and Admins/Support all over the world, we are truly a global community. We offer 3 clusters, plus specialty maps, so you'll be able to find your perfect home!

ARKADE Website
Discord - Active community with 11k+ members
Both PvP and PvE Clusters
Make the most out of Ark by traveling to ALL official maps (including the newest Crystal Isles map), DeathMatch, and our awesome Event maps! Hit up Island to do a Note run, get all your Steam achievements, and ascend your character through all Ark bosses to reach a maximum level of 135. Our pvp cluster is continually tweaked for the optimal pvp experience, while our rapidly growing pve clusters offer tons of maps, all the officials, plus the hottest custom maps, with servers based in both NA and EU for optimal ping wherever you are!

PvP - Currently 10 map Cluster PvP Mod List

PvE Legacy - 19 map Cluster PvE Legacy Mod List

PvE Survival - Currently 12 map Cluster PvE Survival Mod List

PvE Extreme - Currently 2 map Cluster PvE Extreme Mod List

PvE Creative - Currently 4 maps PvE Creative Mod List

DeathMatch Events
Shop/Kits with ARKADE Coins
Earn ARKADE Coins just from playing on our servers to buy fun items in the ARKADE Shop! Don't have a lot of time to play? Earn Coins just for upvoting us on and! You may also earn coins for participating in our creative events or killing on our DeathMatch or pvp clusters.
Fun, Active Global Community
Join our active Discord Community with members from around the world where we interact with Survivors and encourage every tribe to help us plan the community by assigning a Tribe Rep. Every Friday we host a Friday Night Fireside Chat and a large number of the community hop in to listen to ARKADE's plans, give feedback and help us build the best Ark server ever! We highly value ARKADE Survivors and most major decisions are run past the entire community to get a feel for what the server as a whole wants to see. Other important decisions are up to our Tribe Reps in which every tribe on the server is encouraged to have a Tribe Rep or two to represent their tribe. Returning champion tribes are given a Crown icon in Discord! We love our fun community!
Optimized for Fair and Balanced Gameplay
Settings and rules are optimized for balanced PvP and PvE experiences. OP items are disabled (see our website for more details). We run only the most essential mods such as Structures Plus and other quality of life mods. We won't go overboard with mods, to ensure optimal uptime.
Join our community today by hopping into our Discord and choosing your new home! We look forward to meeting you!
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2021.09.25 22:49 YTLinkerBot Hoogway x Nowun - Moments To Keep ☕ [lofi hip hop/relaxing beats]

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2021.09.25 22:49 Flam1ac Based on facts guys

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2021.09.25 22:49 Edweezy98 One piece chalk sketch, still working on sizing. Lemme know wyt

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2021.09.25 22:49 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 22:49 emrahgulmez News about ENVB. Are we bagholder😭

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2021.09.25 22:49 Alm0stDead I lied when asked what my job is...

In a bit of a pickle here. I went to a meetup and they asked me what I do and I lied because it was too embarrassing to admit that I'm not doing anything at the moment except just learning programing myself, and I couldn't make up a bullshit job on the spot, so I lied and said I was studying a masters at a university.
I'm going to a different meetup but one of the same guys will be there. I don't want to continue with this lie because if I do actually Make friends it'll be hard to keep up the lie. Should I just say I work in a work from home admin/customer service role while self studying programming, or continue the lie?
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2021.09.25 22:49 peelyon1 Comfort eating / depression - being better

So part of my weight gain is my link to using food as a form of escapism/ coping with my depression and essentially eating my feelings.
I've had a really rough few days and normally I would turn to food. I've even been in the supermarket today and purposely stayed away from the crisps(chips) / sweets and chocolate (my old vices)
I've been 'on plan' since the beginning of July and this is the first time I've felt this low and although I'm not feeling great, I've not eaten anything I normally would when I feel this way. I understand its not a huge deal but this is the longest I've ever stuck at losing weight.
Not even sure why I'm sharing. I guess it just helps to get it written down.
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2021.09.25 22:49 Panda_of_power Solar for home office shed

Hi, is there a good resource to check for identifying system size?
I’m permanently work from home now and I want a defined space so I’m building a shed. Getting power to it from my grid connection is going to be well past 5k thanks to needing a 200A service upgrade so i figured I’d give solar a look.
At most I’d have 2 computers, 2 monitors, and a very small ~500watt window A/C.
Insulation is a big check mark on my build list. Winter should be much of a concern because I love being cold, I’ll happily wrap a blanket on me and have a cup of tea. Plus I work on a laptop so if it’s too bad I can just work at the dining table.
I’m in the Kansas City area if that helps.
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2021.09.25 22:49 Maybe_Im_Confused The truck from Felony 11-79?

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2021.09.25 22:49 literallynobody141 A walk in the woods

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2021.09.25 22:49 Pryftic Jitter is too fast

I jitter 15-17 cps consistently but i ahve trouble keeping it and aiming. I'm unsure how to jitter lower cps so i can get used to aiming and consistency with jitter. Any ways people know to make my cps lower?
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2021.09.25 22:49 xisnext The single greatest quote/episode of angel this what angel was all about. If nothing we do matters then all that matters is what we do

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2021.09.25 22:49 randyrandp Fate of Grace Reformed church building on 15th?

Does anyone have insight into what will become of the place now that the congregation is disbanded and it's vacant?
I learned only recently that the building cornerstone was laid by President Teddy Roosevelt, who would walk to church from the White House on Sundays.
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2021.09.25 22:49 notSlumpy Tier list on how bad your randoms teammates are

Processing img 5n71z5q7ppp71...
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2021.09.25 22:49 JoeShmoe120 What going thru your heads when you take that first hit of the day.

1 o clock on a Saturday I lay down, pick up my phone, take a big ole' rip of Skywalker
I'm gonna watch some funny videos... (1 minute later) well I plan too.
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2021.09.25 22:49 AfterHoursQ82Q Who/What is the real variant

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2021.09.25 22:49 T1m3Wizard What makes time travel possible?

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2021.09.25 22:49 nikkenzzz Just happy with that look,it reminds me of Vash from Trigun

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2021.09.25 22:49 occasionalcoffeeuser Ordered a drink, got carded and bartender denied me a drink at Applebee's (of all places) off of Northwest Hwy because my DL is 4 days expired? Is this okay?

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