Sammy Hagar – Danger Zone - Capitol Records – ST-12069 1980 via @eBay

2021.09.26 00:18 daughter2pop Sammy Hagar – Danger Zone - Capitol Records – ST-12069 1980 via @eBay

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2021.09.26 00:18 waynegamez Snake and Lava Lamp

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2021.09.26 00:18 Exeter232 Don't call him Shitty Bill, though.... Can I do the gears, Shitty?

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2021.09.26 00:18 GhostOfMcAfee The Governor's Hat has Arrived

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2021.09.26 00:17 Super_Share_8721 Pappy 12 Year

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2021.09.26 00:17 Xerasi If someone is about to hit me and my only two options are to eaither let the accident happen or hit a wall to prevent it, what should I do?

To explain this further, say I am driving on the highway and someone is changing lanes into my lane without seeing me. We are too close or someone is right behind me and there is no way to stop in time to prevent the accident. I can eaither drive off the road or hit a barrier or something on the side of the road so that only my car is damaged, or just let the accident happen. What should one do in this situation?
I think you should probably let the accident happen otherwise the other car even though at fault, would run away since he wasn't involved in the accident and you or your insurance would have to foot the bill to repair your car. Whereas if you just hit the other car, you would cause a collision between two cars that could have been prevented but at least the other driver would maybe learn to look in their blind spots and you no longer have to foot the repair bill when and if it is deemed the other driver was at fault.
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2021.09.26 00:17 Safiibox Care to guess my race?

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2021.09.26 00:17 Rayof808 Latest Tally -- DRS Transfers

Last Shareholder DRS# reported: #630
(Transfer today and become a CONFIRMED SHAREHOLDER OF RECORD with your own personal BLUE SPHERE LOGO CERTIFICATE OF OWNERSHIP from Clear Trust ! You'll have your own Soldier DRS ID, too !!! Suitable for Framing !!!)
ALL OUR TRANSFERS depend on the DRS #s for confirmation...and because they are not necessarily sequential (there may be gaps--Clear Trust could not be more specific due to "privacy" issues), our real goals are:
#670 to most likely confirm a 300 shareholder count;
#790 to reach 300 transfers; and
#850 to most certainly hit the "alternate" threshold of 500 shareholders of record...(if BLSP attempts to divest their assets to force a 500 threshold)
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2021.09.26 00:17 ilovesoil All a matter of perspective.

I live on a hill, the view extends into the distance, rolling green hills dotted with trees and beautiful golden blocks of canola in full flower. Now think about this panorama from the view point of my cows, it would be like looking over 20,000 acres of hot, light crisp crust pizza, one paddock of meat lovers, another of supreme and those beautiful golden pineapples pieces.
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2021.09.26 00:17 EdwardBliss What body function gives you the most problems as you approach middle age?

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2021.09.26 00:17 lilsmugbruh Idk what I made

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2021.09.26 00:17 OrangePie111 WTT VALENTINES HALO 2019, RR SET AND SE SET

STRICTLY NGF (stay away scammers)
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2021.09.26 00:17 varzat Skyrim vr launches but then just turns black

I have added some mods via vortex and my first issue was that when i launched it said that SkyUi was disabled because of something with SKSE and i couldnt click anything. I then tried to fix that and now when i launch it shows the bethesda logo and for a split second some weapon shows up kind of like in the loading tips, and then it just turns black and i cant see my controllers or anything but can still hear music. All help is greatly appreciated and if you need more info just ask. Not sure if i wnat to paste that skevr.log0 since it looks like you can see all my computer stuff through that
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2021.09.26 00:17 Rafaela-R Dicas e conselhos para uma caloura.

Olá, acabei de ser aprovada em Psicologia na universidade em que eu queria cursar (Universidade Federal da Bahia). Estou muito feliz com a oportunidade de fazer algo que gosto na graduação e gostaria de dicas de pessoas que já cursam, acredito que vocês possam me ajudar.
Eu tenho lido bastante, me informado, para não entrar na faculdade com ilusões e expectativas exacerbadas. Quero aproveitar ao máximo as oportunidades de aprendizado para além da sala de aula: iniciação científica, participar de congressos e etc
Eu sei que o mercado não é dos melhores, que é uma profissão desvalorizada, que alguns "profissionais" como coachs, gurus e outros muitas vezes tem mais atenção do que nós, mas ainda assim eu quero ser psicóloga e pretendo estudar bastante para me especializar bastante e ser uma profissional qualificada (Talvez ilusão/ empolgação de caloura? Sim, mas creio que vocês também pensavam assim)
Para fechar o textão que ninguém pediu, quero dizer que me interesso bastante por neuropsicologia, alguém especializado, ou que estude bastante essa área pode me dar algum retorno sobre pós graduações, mercado e etc?
É isso, desde já agradeço.
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2021.09.26 00:17 Admirable_Hurry3833 Yay 2021.5 gt turbo

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2021.09.26 00:17 sushitrashjoji Twitter

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2021.09.26 00:17 Tazling Eden Unearthed first impression: Demo.

That was a weird experience...? Maybe it makes more sense if you have seen the anime show. It looks like there is nothing to do but tour some info spots with a clunky UI, hear bits of a rather trite narrative, then roar around collecting apples on a scooter with a rather nice UI. Is there any other gameplay?
The scooter device is well done (steering feels strangely real). I really hated the "windshield" framing orange bars though, and the vignetting that occurs during fast turns -- which is supposed to protect us from VR sickness but makes me feel like I'm blacking out from the G force :-) You cannot turn off either of these features which is quite frustrating.
Anyway, has anyone found anything more interesting in this demo? Because demo seems to be what it is at present. Cute, but only for about 10 minutes. The only thing it did for me was to convince me that Vespa Simulator could be a very cool relaxation app :-) With some first-rate scenery, especially of real locations like European cities, coastal roads, etc, I would definitely cruise around on my virtual Vespa for 20 min now and then, just for the ride and the view. The controller map for the scooter was quite intuitive and fun to play with. Vroom Vroom!
BTW, more fun than the apple collecting is t-boning the tumbleweeds and trying to move them around the landscape. Tumbleweed soccer practise gets boring after a few minutes, but it's less boring than the basic game. Good thing it was free...
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2021.09.26 00:17 xxfallen420xx DRS!

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2021.09.26 00:17 SuperTubaMan Don't know how many hundreds of miles I've done this weekend, but its been a blast so far.

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2021.09.26 00:17 CartoonGore Any recommendations for my second printer? I'll be printing 3D art mostly

Most of my art prints are 2-4 inches and at 0.2 layer thickness (0.1 is tricky to do with my easyhtreed k1 and cura) though having the ability to do larger prints and finer details would be nice.
I have been looking at an Ender 3 printers, and they look quite good. I'm just sorta nervous about putting together something that might take a few hours. Are there any $300 or less 3D pla printers that are fairly easy to put together and give good results? I'm also not against another mini one, if it had more guides/support.
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2021.09.26 00:17 TCAmber Mail Day! Not necessarily the rarest cards but I love their artwork (especially Entei)

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2021.09.26 00:17 cstec005 No seriously give Ilulu the donut.

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2021.09.26 00:17 Libra_Gang1001 Y'all lame asf

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2021.09.26 00:17 PistolofPete Yankees FS (what’s left)

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2021.09.26 00:17 Silly_Direction_5296 this is what was sent to daniel. The censored part is a picture of somebody who was on the team.

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