Meat probe temps???

2021.09.25 23:56 A_T_Rannals Meat probe temps???

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2021.09.25 23:56 _lonelyStranger_ how many crush you guys had/have

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2021.09.25 23:56 Comprehensive_Fox_79 I've been looking all over for a Venus fly trap and I finally found one!

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2021.09.25 23:56 aruaryana This pic of Matt and Elena is so cute!

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2021.09.25 23:56 CrypticViper_ Looking for a list of classes starting later this semester

Title. I'm looking for classes that will start later into the semester (e.g. start Oct 25 and end Dec 11), but I can't seem to find a list or anything with only classes like that. Is there some resource I could look at?
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2021.09.25 23:56 llamakiss What have I done to deserve this?

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2021.09.25 23:56 not-so-british-brit The life of a teenage hellworlder (Chapter 15)

hope you enjoy this chapter. we also now have a fledgling discord server!
Royal Road
“C’mon, hurry up!” Javqua said excitedly, as Thomas brushed his teeth with increased fervour.
“Whay ohn minuht!” He said, his words muffled from the unexpectedly foamy toothpaste. Thomas could only guess it was because krakovaks had a lot of teeth.
He finally finished brushing, rinsing his mouth and hurrying out the bathroom.
“I’m ready, I’m ready!” Thomas called, and he walked downstairs to see Javqua and her father waiting for him by the door.
He joined them, and they all walked out of the house and down the sidewalk.
“I explained a bit during breakfast, but I’ll elaborate further now. Kravenka has lots of wildlife reserves, where you can hunt prey. They’re used for social and recreational purposes, but also just to catch food.” Mr. O’dea explained, to a deep in thought Thomas.
“Do you get...guns there, or something?” He asked hesitantly, and Mr. O’dea chuckled.
“You can, but most prefer to hunt the old-fashioned way - with claws and muscles.” The krakovak flexed his scaly arms, a big grin on his face.
As Thomas thought, a sudden realization hit him. If they can take on their fauna in hand-to-hand combat, shouldn't I be able to as well? Thomas laughed internally as he prepared himself for a little test.
Once they had arrived, Thomas took some time to look around and enjoy the scenery. Wherever he looked, there were massive trees and grassy fields of exotic plants and animals. It had a surprising amount of similarities to New Britannia, but just not quite.
Javqua had handed him a locator beacon that he had put in his pocket; he wasn't expecting to get lost, but it was always good to have contingencies.
The first thing he wanted to do was to see if he could properly hunt the weird-looking mammals Javqua had shown him pictures of - Fran’tara.
They had agreed to let him hunt alone for a little while just so he could see how he’d do.
Thomas moved silently through the trees, his childhood in the outer population areas of New Britannia coming in handy. He ran through the trees quietly, using the lower gravity to his advantage until he saw a small herd of Fran’tara. They looked like New Britannian deer, only much lankier, with smaller ears and a longer tail.
Deciding to take a stealthy approach, Thomas began crawling towards the herd, his small size hiding him easily in the tall plants.
Now no more than ten feet away, his hand came across a fist-sized rock, and he got an idea.
Gripping it tightly, he exploded upwards and threw the rock as hard as he could at the nearest Fran’tara. The animal swayed gently for a few seconds before collapsing, a large dent in its skull. The rest of the herd wisely ran off, and Thomas ran over towards the creature.
It didn’t move, and he managed to pick it up, hoisting it over his shoulder.
“I got one!” He yelled cheerfully as he ran towards a gawking Javqua, her father also stunned.
--Around a minute earlier...--
Mr. O’dea watched as Thomas crawled along the ground, slowly inching his way towards the pack of Fran’tara. If he was going to be honest, the scene looked downright comical - such a small and unassuming creature hunting down such large prey.
It wasn't common for a Krakovak, even a distinguished one, to hunt such a beast. It was a well-known fact that they could easily outrun even some of the fastest of his species.
It was then that the small mammal leapt to his feet - not even running towards the herd! Gavorin thought Thomas was stupid; why would you spend all that time being stealthy only to reveal yourself for no reason?
His annoyed huff of disapproval turned into a choking splutter as he watched a small stone leave Thomas’s clawless hand, launched at a blinding speed. Before he could even comprehend it, a loud crack echoed through the forest and the Fran’terra was on the ground, a sizable dent in its head.
What was that! He thought, only to be shocked once again as a being arguably half the size of the Fran’tara casually picked it up and threw it over its shoulder.
The only thing left going through his mind was wondering what the little hellworlder would do next.
“Did you see that? That was awesome!” Thomas exclaimed, stopping in front of Javqua.
“Javi?” He teased and Javqua snapped out of her stupor.
“H-How’d you do that?” She stammered, and he shrugged.
“I’m not gonna lie, I got pretty lucky there. So, are we continuing, or do I take this back?” Thomas asked.
“Dad?” Javqua turned to Mr. O’dea, who had composed himself. “That’s...enough. I believe.” He said curtly.
“Alright! Let’s head back!” Thomas said excitedly, energized.
The three of them began heading back, getting lots of stares as they did so. Since other alien species never visited krakovaks, his appearance itself was already rare.
But now combined with the fact that he was carrying an animal corpse twice his size over his shoulder…
Out of the corner of his eye, he could see people taking photos of him, but he didn’t really mind.
As Thomas walked into the city, the attention on him grew - and a small crowd began to form around him.
Did you catch that yourself? How are you carrying that? Is that real? Thomas could only nod in response to the questions, tired from holding the Fran’tara.
Javqua and Mr. O’dea were also getting asked questions.
Is he adopted? What species are they? They're a human! I think…
By the time they had reached Javqua’s neighbourhood, there was a sizable amount of onlookers - taking photos, recording, when, suddenly, the Fran’tara began thrashing violently in Thomas’s grasp, and he realized that he hadn’t checked if it was actually dead.
Wriggling out of his grasp, the creature crashed onto the bioroad, letting out demented shrieks of agony as it flailed around.
Feeling sorry for the animal, Thomas decided to put it out of its misery - rushing over and pummeling its head wound after a brief moment of hesitation.
Gripping the Fran’tara’s neck with one hand, he both mercilessly and mercifully beat it, with sickening thwacks and crunches.
While he was strong, he didn’t seem to be strong enough - and so, he began to strangle it.
Wrapping his fingers around the Fran’tara’s thin, furry neck, he squeezed, begging that the creature would die quickly.
Of course, it didn’t. The animal seemed to realize its imminent death and struggled harder, kicking out and hitting him several times with its hard hooves.
To avoid its blows, Thomas scrambled behind it, putting it in a headlock and squeezing as hard as he could.
The animal rolled and thrashed around, but Thomas held on, and his grip tightened.
There was a loud, resounding crack, and then the Fran’tara went limp.
Thomas slowly stood up, gingerly feeling the bruises he had gotten from the kicks.
“Well, that was certainly something Javqua.” He chuckled boisterously, at the absurdity of what had just happened.
But Javqua wasn’t looking at him anymore - she was looking at something behind him, and Thomas turned to see what.
He was staring directly into the camera of a news crew.
Not really knowing what to do, he smiled and waved, blood dripping down his hand.
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2021.09.25 23:56 IThoughtOfDucks In regards to my last post, please see the comments. Spoiler for lesson Hard 60-16.

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2021.09.25 23:56 NerveHasPhallicToes early itemization

hi, so basically, I was just watching wayofthetempest stream - I learnt three things: he's an asshole, I shouldn't feel bad about my mechanics, and that I have no idea what I'm doing with early itemization. I'm a fairly seasoned yone player and I thought i had a pretty good grasp on what to buy. That's sort of true for late game but early I'm a bit lost. Obviously you start zerkers but then what do you prioritise, crit, vamp scept or noon quiver? And why/when should I go zeal? I always avoided it with the idea that I was looking for my 2 item spike as early as possible but it seems that is not actually a popular idea. Any input is appreciated, thanks for reading
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2021.09.25 23:56 anarcho-hornyist Thanks for reminding me why I watch fansubs. Tired of these shitty localizations pushed by “politically correct” corporations in order to appease the blue-haired progressives of Twitter and Reddit. The technical difference between “lolicon” and “pedophile” absolutely does exist, and in an academic

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2021.09.25 23:56 blu4onez When reading through Fantasian dialogue, did anyone else picture certain voices?

Like in my head, every time Vam spoke I heard Junichi Suwabe (Archer) and Jas was clearly Akira Ishida (Gaara) lol. Curious to know how everyone perceived the characters ^^
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2021.09.25 23:56 SeriesDense5329 hey twins anyone ever bought reps? and is it a good idea(i don’t really care if i get flamed fa this)

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2021.09.25 23:56 HeavyMetalSasquatch What is the best thing AI has accomplished so far?

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2021.09.25 23:56 Adri_888888 Game closing on feast of the winter star?

So I’m on year two and it’s the feast of the winter star and my special person is Vincent. I play the whole day (up to like 1), go to the feast, talk to everyone, and when I give Vincent his gift he says thanks and then it looks like my person is gonna give me my gift…. But instead I get an error message and the game closes itself. I figured it was a onetime glitch so I did the whole thing over again… but the same thing happened. Has this happened to anyone else?? What should I do??
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2021.09.25 23:56 Imdefnotdiablo Where to find used instruments in good condition

Backstory: Im a Flautist in high school, I use a cheap $80 Glory flute I found on amazon one day. Yesterday i found that the spring to my G Key is badly bent, no matter how hard i tried to fix it, there would be no results. Now I decided to just get a used flute, do any of yall have any good sites for me to find used instruments in good condition?
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(856) 326 6993
Has been up for a couple days now, get them good
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