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A civil dicksuction on indiaverse

2021.09.25 23:05 byaverC A civil dicksuction on indiaverse

Lmao, the post was made by the guy who is active on librandu, I am not a bhakt nor a leftist I mostly support government based on what I find good according to me, but it's been 1 year since I have been active on reddit now I plan to leave it, let me tell librandu and saimansays are stupidest subs also chodi is no better neither indiandankmemes but on indiandankmemes you will find 5 to 6 good memes everyday but on saimansays you won't find anything because they keep milking one topic over and over and over again few weeks ago it's was fukra insaan, before it was pelvis yadav now it's sai bot it's a evidence that it mostly comprises of 14 y/o kids who usually gets stuck on one topic and keep milking it until they become bore, also no one should ever get offended of memes they find on saimansays imagine getting offended over statements of 14 y/o this makes me question desimeta as well. why should we give fuck about what 14 y/o have to say. Now, comming to librandu it's exactly opposite of chodi and samaj just like these two are far right librandu is desi version of antifa and one thing I find most annoying about how stupidily superior they feel for being part of librandu I recently saw a post on it about how you need high iq to understand librandu and I was like dude if a person is intellectual and intelligent like Noam Chomsky, jai sai deepak and jordan peterson they won't be on reddit in first place also why would they waste time on understanding sub reddit that mostly comprises of unemployed youth who think writting huge essays on each and every topic would change anything, also one thing I find most stupid about desimeta and librandu about how they keep cross posting each and everything they find on internet which according to them is offensive and then they would start coping over it. Reddit is place which is a hive mind and mostly known for its intolerance against unpopular opinion and mob mentality. I am pretty sure some librandu would cross post this message as well with title " A chaddi criticizing librandu, and writing huge essays on us contradicting himself", but yeah I am contradicting myself but it's been 1 year since I have been on reddit I deleted my account few months ago now I browse anonymously to avoid interaction with average redditor but since I have finally Decided to leave this platform I wanted to write my opinion about it. My suggestion for desimeta stop cross posting every offensive thing you find on reddit instead make this into a discussion platform where we can discuss about science, religion, politics, geo politics etc finding toxicity in reddit is like finding water in Ocean. Just ignore toxic people and 14 y/o kids their opinion dosent matter. saimansays is unfunny, chodi has become family whatsapp group, librandu is example of rising unemployment in india and indiandankmemes is normie. Why should we care about every single thing that is bad on reddit, by doing this we are only making them more popular just like toxic feminists gave rise to mgtow which is even more extreme than feminism, it would be better if we simply ignore these people.
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2021.09.25 23:05 NedOrder Name these 2 buildings.

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2021.09.25 23:05 AssistGloomy5744 How do I post a picture on Reddit

Please help me learn
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2021.09.25 23:05 HowardJDuck New York Faces State of Emergency As Vaccine Mandate Creates Hospital Staff Shortages

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2021.09.25 23:05 DC15seek Voting in these month?

I want to know is there any upcoming voting I should know and what happens if someone miss a voting day for local or presidential?
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2021.09.25 23:05 HowardJDuck Poll: Majority GOP Voters Support Trump in Hypothetical 2024 Scenario

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2021.09.25 23:05 PiedeDiPorco Only me that always gets this shitty ads?

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2021.09.25 23:05 petriheart [STEAM] Banana Hell is free to keep this weekend on steam!

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2021.09.25 23:05 Brief_Lemon3535 Garcelle arriving at the hotel - The Shining

The Shining is one of my all time favourite movies so I LOVED Garcelle making such funny comments about seeing 'twins' in the halls of the hotel when she arrived! Gotta say it was definitely a bit creepy and her take on it was so funny.
Also AdORED her beautiful white outfit. So so classy without being even remotely ostentatious or looking 'try to hard'.
Just more reasons to love and admire this lady!
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2021.09.25 23:05 HowardJDuck Brooks: Biden Immediately Reversing Trump Rules on Immigration Was 'Open Door Signal' and He Was Warned It Was Dangerous

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2021.09.25 23:05 tirednerdylady Social services provider seeking some perspective and guidance

Alright y'all, I've got a lot of thoughts buzzing around in my head and I feel like there's something here. I could maybe use someone helping me piece it all together. I'll provide some backstory, some of my thoughts, and my questions to the community. Thanks in advance for sticking with me.
I am a former program supervisor and behavior therapist in the field of ABA. I spent years trying to direct my time towards learning how to shape this field. How to dismantle ableist practices. How to apply the voices of the autistic community in an actually meaningful and beneficial way. I worked for several agencies, both for and not for profit organizations, in providing ABA services. My first year in the field - I did some very fucked up things. I own that, I won't go into detail. And I wish I could go visit every family I worked with during that time and give them a big hug, an apology, and own my shit. My supervisors were very ableist, standard and textbook ABA practitioners. But I felt like I saw something in the industry. There was an intention. And I had an intention. And I thought that was good enough. It wasn’t. First and foremost I want to apologize to every autistic and disabled person in this subreddit who was traumatized by ABA/speech/OT/special education/whatever it may be. You were done dirty. You deserved a voice.
Let me back pedal. My education spans across the realms of various industries that serve people with disabilities. My bachelor's degree is in Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology. I thought for a good while that I would pursue my licensure to become a speech pathologist. While I was in school I saw a whole lot of the same ableism and traumatic instructional strategies that are used in ABA. So in my idiot 19-year old brain, I figured we were all operating along the same lines. And I hated it. So I decided I'd try to spark the change from inside these industries. I shadowed different SLPs, OTs, PTs, BCBAs, Special Ed teachers, etc, etc etc. I obtained my master's degree in special education. Same shit there. Ableism and inappropriate practices left and right. A rat race in the research realm, rather than everyone working towards a common good. It was a dick measuring contest. I looked everywhere for an agency or educational program that would provide trauma-informed, autistic informed, and sensitive supports to autistic and disabled people. Honestly everything/everyplace/almost everyone fell short.
So over the past 5 years I worked my way through various agencies, learning from people who I felt like were progressively improving at attempts to "do good" in these fields. And while the intentions were really in the right place, that wasn't enough. More recently, I worked my way into a role as a program supervisor at a "naturalistic, innovative" ABA agency. I don't want to talk major shit - but that place made me lose a lot of hope in the people who provide services to autistic and disabled people. And even when I felt like the programming was moving in the direction that autistic voices are advocating for... at the end of the day it was still a for profit agency making business decisions that put autistic children at a disadvantage because they were seen as commodities rather than human beings. So I left.
So I quit my job. And started recognizing that I may have autism or ADHD. I won’t go into this too much. I've had a very difficult time getting the resources, motivation, etc to be formally assessed. So I'm left with that confusion for now. But I feel it in my bones that I'm neurodivergent. In some way. Some how. And maybe that's why these industries were so impossible for me to operate in. I literally worked myself sick. So so sick. Just trying to do better, to spark change, to amplify all of these voices that practitioners pretend to listen to until something is said that makes them feel uncomfortable. But I've taken several months to recognize my own burn out, work through my trauma, the trauma I’ve caused, and accept my own faults along this path. And now I've come to this conclusion that there needs to be something next. What are we going to do? What can I do?
I’ve been trying to map out ways that I can extend my education, find meaningful work in serving autistic and disabled people…and maybe finally work up the courage to get myself formally assessed. Here’s where I need some help. I don’t think having a credential in ABA would be helpful. I am currently a BCaBA, certified through the BACB. I have completed all of my fieldwork hours to obtain the BCBA credential. I didn’t take the exam. I don’t think I should. I think it directly negates what I’m trying to accomplish here.
I would love to hear some thoughts from some actually autistic people on what your opinions are of providers in these industries. Would it be best to pursue LPC/LCSW licensure? Maybe work our way in through the field of psychology/psychiatry and behavioral health to dismantle standard ABA practices? I think possibly the best path for my career would be to provide services as a behavioral health consultant or an early intervention specialist with a nonprofit agency whose values maybe actually align with my own. I hope to move my way up in an organization to a leadership role to provide large scale change. And then maybe 10/15/20 years out, move into academia to start teaching this meaningful work? I want to serve those with disabilities. I really do. I want to teach the power of assent, self advocacy, adaptive skills, emotional regulation…the shit that I needed when I was little. The stuff I wish I had taught every little one I’ve ever worked with. I want to question these industries. I want to make them uncomfortable. I want change, man.
Someone please tell me I’m not crazy. Or do. Call me out. I need some perspective here.
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2021.09.25 23:05 crypto-anarchist86 My freedom IS more important than your safety.

That's it. Seems super unpopular in our current culture. My freedom, and yours, is far more important and worth fighting for more than your sense of safety. This used to be deeply ingrained in American culture but it's been lost somewhere. Ben Franklin said "Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither and will lose both." It seems to me that the main argument touted by many is that their sense of security should be prioritized over the liberty of everyone. That's ass backwards. That kind of mindset leads to the exact condition we see in Australia right now.
In prison you can stay locked in your cell, get 3 meals a day, a bed, blankets, toilet and free healthcare. I don't think most would prefer that absolutely security at the cost of their liberty. But then again, maybe I'm wrong. Ppl are begging for tyranny these days under the guise of public safety. Not even real safety either. Just the appearance of safety.
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2021.09.25 23:05 Disastrous_Respect66 Dm me if u wanna buy 138 pics and vids nudes and more

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2021.09.25 23:05 Due_Waltz_2913 [WTS] [WTT] Omega Speedmaster Day Date 3523.30

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2021.09.25 23:05 shieyaintloyal unable to buy Kredits

want to buy a weapon but Kredit webside is not working
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2021.09.25 23:05 redditreadred If there were another pandemic and this caused a shortage, what shortage would make you riot?

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2021.09.25 23:05 appfctry Well... We are planning to open a mining farm in Suriname. The cost of electricity and labor are very low. About 0.05ct Kwh Who's in?

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2021.09.25 23:05 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 23:05 Zenoaxe-360 I made multiple routes with one ending

So I decided to make one ending with different routes. And I'm almost finished with creating my visual novel.
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2021.09.25 23:05 kneck_beerded Need friends to play with often

Im 21m I play most games, but recently I'm playing demon's souls and the like. I'm on often and am always down to chat in a party so if interested hmu or add me @ Aitsao
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2021.09.25 23:05 Galactic420Goddess F25 I need to know.

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2021.09.25 23:05 HowardJDuck GOP Rep. Herrell: Guatemala's Ambassador 'More Invested' in Helping Secure Border Than Biden

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2021.09.25 23:05 entalert Restocked at the OCS (Saturday, 5:04 p.m. EDT)

😊 Just in...
Product Price
OG Cola 1x355ml by Sweet Justice $6.95
Stock-in tweets @entAlert
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2021.09.25 23:05 Ok_Mess_1836 Is it just me or does Sincerely me sound more Jazz than pop?

I just took a jazz unit during history(we did a lesson on Jazz in 1920s). I listened to Sincerely me today, and realized it’s pretty jazzy. I tried to look it up and it stated it was pop. So am I the only one who thinks this or?
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2021.09.25 23:05 nor_dead My first Mercedes-Benz and i love it!

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