2021.09.25 23:54 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 23:54 LuckyBdx4 Vanuatu asks international court to weigh in on right to be protected from climate change

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2021.09.25 23:54 marrrrnor Experienced pretty baby looking for a real daddy. Happy to verify ❤️😘 no scam, I recognize

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2021.09.25 23:54 Micha-Big-Boss Will my Xbox account be deleted ?

What happens if the person I sold my Xbox 360 deletes my xbox account from the xbox 360, will all content be deleted and my account is no longer usable or how ?
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2021.09.25 23:54 jack-the-geko Benjamin’s reaction if the gang never left

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2021.09.25 23:54 Sardo_Azzurro My bf is angry with me for not wanting to eat a piece of lemon

So, today my bf made fish for dinner, but, tho I love fish, I have a mild intolerance where when I eat fish I get nauseous and stomach aches. So after I ate a few pieces of fish I started to feel a bit sick. I told him, so I stopped eating for a bit. Then he started to eat lemon slices, and he started to pressure me into eating a slice. I was like no, I’m gonna vomit, I can feel it. He then started to say: show me your a real Italian by eating a slice. I told him no, he kept asking and asking. I than took a piece. Only by looking at it I started to feel even sicker. So in my annoyance of being pressured I said: I’m gonna vomit after this. He took the slice of lemon, threw it away, went to bed and hasn’t talked to me since. Every-time I want to talk to him about it, he says leave me alone.
Im quite annoyed and frustrated now, as I’m not allowed to say I notice my body can’t take more food, I don’t want to vomit the whole night again, and feel like shit. But of course I feel like shit anyway now.
I had to rant, I’m sorry if this doesn’t fit, but it annoys me so much.
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2021.09.25 23:54 mardybum_0 Are trade-evolutions generally allowed?

Hi there, i am a newbie in nuzlockes (started with a couple attempts of semi-hardcore nuzlocke in platinum and now i am at the 4th attempt with the same rules in Heart Gold).
I found a modest nature Gastly in sprout tower and now i am about to fight the 4th gym (25 level cap, so i just evolved Gastly to Haunter).
Is there any commonly applied rule blocking me from evolving it to gengar? If there's not one, how do i evolve it legitimately since i am playing on emulator?
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2021.09.25 23:54 HCreat What are these? Northern IN.

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2021.09.25 23:54 zhonglilover any apps like snd.wave that are more accurate

its like an app that connects to your apple music account and tells you your top played songs and artists and stuff like that and how many hours of music youve listened to
i just have a problem with snd.wave because it’s extremely inaccurate and tells me that i listen to like 5 hours of music a week when i know i listen to more
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2021.09.25 23:54 Uzuab today we ask the age old question

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2021.09.25 23:54 pleasedontfollowm3-4 Yanita Yancheva

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2021.09.25 23:54 PersonWhoLikes2 13 Reasons Why Season 3 Summed Up

Deputy Standall: Can you tell us your whereabouts at the time of Bryce's murder?
Monty: I was getting shit faced at Charlie's. I had nothing to do with Bryce's murder.
Deputy Standall: Bryce's murder? Now who said anything about Bryce being murdered?
Monty: But didn't you just say-
Deputy Standall: I'll ask the questions here Bryce murdering Monty!
Monty's Lawyer: Objection!
Judge: I'll allow it it characterises the defendant as Bryce's murderer.
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2021.09.25 23:54 Personal_Ad_5612 Riddick Moss Might Be The Greatest Wrestler Of All Time

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2021.09.25 23:54 exposer44 A total milf

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2021.09.25 23:54 NewsElfForEnterprise Lane Closures Through South Gap Project Extended As Warm Temps Fade

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2021.09.25 23:54 TT3-Killerz Why do they call apathy “donk”?

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2021.09.25 23:54 db82 Marker and pen on photo paper

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2021.09.25 23:54 makba ITAP of rocks by the ocean

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2021.09.25 23:54 dolparii What duck is this? (Australia)?

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2021.09.25 23:54 JoaozeraPedroca Can't seem to be able to connect to peers

so i'm seeding 3 torrents right now and on the peer section the first one is showing "0 (15)" the second one "0 (14") and the third one "0 (8)" does it mean that i can't connect to the peers? and if i can't connect to them is it a thing that i must fix or is just waiting for them to connect?
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2021.09.25 23:54 MustYouCancelMe Spamton Calls Based Department (stupid meme)

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2021.09.25 23:54 Little-Selection-195 GTA

check out this guys newest video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64PbX2svHq4&t=1218s very cool
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2021.09.25 23:54 Mokk0h1pp6 Introducing a polish friend to Northern Irish punk, who should I take him through?

I'm introducing a polish friend (he is a massive punk (polish and Soviet punk)).
I've started with Stiff Little Fingers and The Outcasts. Where else should I take him?
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2021.09.25 23:54 BobTheVandal Average heckin-science loving Redditors

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2021.09.25 23:54 disintegrationcure How do you slow down? I brought up trauma for the first time and can't stop, even though it's really distressing.

I've been seeing my T for seven months. I had never seen a T before and have come to realise I've been riddled with anxiety and depression for most of my life. A lot of our work has been around psycho education, helping me develop coping skills and also dipping our toes into some issues I've had that affect the way I engage with the world.
Reflecting on my past brought up a lot of things that disturbed me. I sat on them for a while, had nightmares, panic attacks, and realised I wanted to bring them up. I guess I felt safe with my T and T made it clear they're here to talk if/when I want.
Following our first session when I revealed these things, I dissociated really badly for several hours in a way I'd never done before. For days, I couldn't calm down from my heightened anxiety/panic attacks. I reached out and T was reassuring. They said it's a normal response to talking about these things. We ran through some coping skills, they reminded me they were here but I could go to the Ecall a helpline if I needed, etc. They said if we talk about it again, maybe we have to reframe it so it's clear it's a past event.
I felt a bit better after our call - I think I was just so surprised I had such an extreme response to talking about this stuff. I ended up getting my medication reviewed, which was something I'd wanted to do for a while. That helped too.
Two weeks later, I've been better after my meds adjustment. Next session T was asking some gentle questions around what feelings have been brought up since our last session. I started to talk about that but then couldn't help but blurt out some more things that had happened to me that were related to stuff I'd talked about in my earlier session.
On reflection I realised I talked about some of these things in a joking way, I guess to hide how painful they were. T asked me a few questions and then I finally realised I was so overwhelmed I could barely speak. I told T I felt this way and we did some grounding exercises and talked about what I'd do after session to help. T reminded me we could slow down.
I really struggle with knowing/understanding my emotions so I didn't realise how distressed I was until it fully overcame me. T did say it was good I told them how I felt, I tend to not give anything away about how I feel when I talk (usually because I don't know - so this is a good step). So, I know this is all too much but how do I stop myself? How do you know if things are going to impact you in such an extreme way when they've been there for such a long time without much feeling?!
I plan to have a conversation with my T and let them know mostly what I've written here.
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